Souvenirs and Roast Duck - Day 10

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August 1st 2010
Published: August 1st 2010
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I can't trust Jie's mom anymore! She's always saying "eat more eat more" and then when I'm full she says "one more one more" and then the host of the dinner kept piling food on my plate and now I am way too full haha. It was a great restaurant though, it was in a hotel that has a lot of famous politicians and really rich people come in and its got the best duck in Beijing. We had the roast duck and it was so delicious. You can actually see the other ducks roasting in a furnace too. You have to be a member of a special club to get into the restaurant and for the duck you have to order it 3 days ahead. The meal came out to 3000 Yuan. :0 but the host paid for it all. Anyways, I'm giving up on trying to have 6 meals a day, because I eat energy bars and different things to keep my metabolism going, but at this rate, with how much I'm forced to eat, I don't think I'll do that anymore.

We didn't do any sightseeing today but we did do a ton of souvenir shopping at the biggest market I've ever been to. It's called Panjiayuan. It was so much fun haggling prices with Jie translating to the merchants and stuff. This one lady said 400 yuan for this dragon statue and thats ridiculous(!) considering 99% of the stuff is fake, and 1% is probably legit and worth thousands. So we had a lot of different strategies and with this one, I said forget it and we walked away, but she stopped Jie and asked how much I wanted for it. He made up a number - 50 (about 7$ us dollars.) and she waved us away insulted. We walked about 100 feet away and she came running up behind us trying to bargain haha. All the merchants were pretty weird but it was a fun market and I got a few cool souvenirs. Tomorrow we're going to see Mao Zedong's body. I know cameras aren't aloud in so I won't be able to take any pictures. We still have the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs after that before we fly to Xi'an.


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