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April 2nd 2006
Published: May 6th 2006
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Na Grande MuralhaNa Grande MuralhaNa Grande Muralha

Amanda & Patricia enjoying a break. Cansamos de tanto subir e descer as escadas das 8 torres que visitamos.
The Great Wall started to be constructed in 220 BC and was built over successive dynasties. The purpose was protection against the nomadic tribes from the north, like the Mongolians. Attempted attacks were anounced but the smoke from the many tower the wall has.

The Great Wall is said to snakes like a gragon at the neck of the gragon is Beijing.

Badaling section of the GW is closest to Bejing, but we went to a section of the Great Wall at Mutianyu, which is less crowded with tourists and 2 hours from Beijing.

The drive there gave us the opportunity to get to know some of the 17 people sharing our mini bus. A young couple from New Zealand who just spent 2 years teaching English in Japan, a guy from Pakistan working on developing a specialized cell phone, another from Norway, a Canadian doing a documentary for the Discovery Channel, a couple from Sweden... Very international and fun people to meet.

At the Great wall we took a lift chair to the top and walked up there for 1.5 hours. We than took a tobogan ride down. It was so much fun! It's a shame
The Great Wall at Mutianyum The Great Wall at Mutianyum The Great Wall at Mutianyum

It was a hard workout going up and down the stairs. Amanda with our new friends from New Zeland
that it wasn't sunny but the view was still amazing. To think that the wall covers about 20,000 km. It took 3 american women 3 years to walk the whole extension of the GW.

Portugues: A parte da muralha que visitamos fica a 2 horas de Peking. A construcao da primeiras paredes data de mais de 200 anos antes de cristo, e percorrem uns 20,000 km. O objetivo era evitar ataques das tribos do norte, como os mongois. Levaram-se 3 anos pra 3 americans caminharem toda a estensao

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Brasileiros e Amanda na MulharaBrasileiros e Amanda na Mulhara
Brasileiros e Amanda na Mulhara

1 baiano, 1 paulista, e minha Nana de Maceio/USA

5th September 2010
Na Grande Muralha

Awesome picture!

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