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April 1st 2006
Published: April 8th 2006
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Cavalo Marinho e escorpioes, vivos.Cavalo Marinho e escorpioes, vivos.Cavalo Marinho e escorpioes, vivos.

Espetinhos prontos pra serem fritos. As perninhas todas se movendo!!!
McDonald's, Starbucks, and KFC are everywhere, and packed with Chinese. It's hard to understand while they are willing to pay a lot (compared to Chinese food) to eat our greasy unhealthy food, while their cuisine offers an enormous variety of fresh food.
We must confess, however, that we did go into a McDonald's, just to check it out. The menu included the usual hamburger and fries, but also had a chinese soup, "taro" (like yucca) or pineapple pies, and fried chicken leg. No, we did not try any of these items, but we had to order the soft serve vanilla ice cream dipped in dark chocolate. It was delicious and it cost only 47 cents!!!

We really liked the "hot pot", where we cooked our own food on boiling water at the table. We managed the chopsticks just fine, ... by the end of the night.

Now comes the big gastromic adventure: Amanda and I venturted into an open streeet market and, deciding to "do in China as the Chinese", I ate a scorpion! The live little creatures on little sticks, with their legs moving. They were deep fried and got crunchy. I was brave enough, or stupid enough,
Scorpion Anyone?Scorpion Anyone?Scorpion Anyone?

In an act of bravery or stupidity,I ate scorpion. They were alive at first, legs moving and all. Than, deep fried. Legs and tail tasted good! Guts, I didn't dare.
to try one. Amanda managed to eat a couple of legs.
There were sea horses, little black frogs, a big dark bug, tripe, dwarf-dinossour-like birds, and much more gross looking food, which we by-passed.

We also saw at restaurants' menus: pig brain, dog meat hot pot, bugs, and God knows what kind of weird animals.

Other than the the above and the gross food being cooked and served on sidewalks, we have been eating extremely well. The prices are incredible too. A super dinner for 3, with drinks, no more than $7, sometimes $10.

Portuguese: A comida chinesa eh super barata, com itens super gostosos, e outros super estranhos. Nao ha distincao da comida servida no cafe da manha, almoco, ou jantar. Muitos vegetais e arroz (sempre), sopas e massa, dumplings, e um pouco de carne. Ai eh que fica estranho: come-se de tudo que se move. Vimos em cardapios: cerebro de porco, testiculo de bode, fucinho sei la de que, sapinhos, carne de cachorro, cobra, besouros, cavalo marinho, e o que eu tive a audacia de provar.... escorpiao!!!
Eles fazem um barulhao danado pra comer, chupando a comida, e mastigando super alto. Entre palitadas e barulhada, escarram e cospem que so.


9th April 2006

you are brave!
This will be a trip Amanda will always remember.
9th April 2006

11th April 2006

Hi Guys
Great to hear from you Kim and Sergio. The scorpion was acctually good, at least the legs and tail!!! I wasn't brave enough for the dogs, pig brain, goat ball...... Keep the comments coming. Tchau Patricia

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