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March 20th 2013
Published: April 18th 2016
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Went to China, just to fulfill my desire to see the Great wall of China and the forbidden city, ended up discovering in-numerous cuisines and beverages of China. All in all a fabulous trip, with a halt in Moscow. It was -14 degrees in Moscow. The experience at the airport was a bit rough. The check in counter incharge asked me to throw my water bottle. And after that to buy another bottle in the airport, it was a challenge. Only Rebel is used in Russia, even at the airport. No Dollars or Euros. So better take some rebel before u enter Russia. Finally saw a few more things and it was very dearly priced place. Moved on and next destination was Beijing. The funny thing for me, which I forgot to mention earlier, was when the aircraft landed in Moscow airport, almost everyone clapped and cheered. It was something strange for me and had never happened before. The same was repeated in our entire trip. By the way it was not a Chinese aircraft. And the time came to board the plane again. We moved towards the aircraft with lots of enthusiast. And we were on the way to Beijing. At last the landing time came. We had reached Beijing, the land of forbidden city and the great wall of china. It was a great feeling. Airport was a quick affair. Moved into a small but clean hotel in the middle of the city. Ate the hot pot on the first day. Tried fried food also. Strange food items like Scorpion, sea horse, cockroach and many more. It was all delicious, apart from one which I didn't like and it was the cocoon. Anyways moving forward we went to the wan fu Jing market the second day. Then on the third day we went to the Great wall of china. We went to the top and took loads of photos. I felt awesome to be there. It's a marvelous thing. It had snowed there a few days ago so we saw snow also. The next day was the forbidden city in tianemen square. It is another marvelous architecture. Huge yet symmetrical. Mind blowing palace. And the reason why it was called forbidden is because no men were allowed inside the palace apart from the king. All others were either 400 queens and eunuchs to take care of them. I was overwhelmed with the city food. Good thing was that each and corner and when I say each every corner I literally mean it, we had restaurants and eatery joints. We can buy beer anywhere and drink in any restaurant without any problem. Just behave yourself and nothing to worry. Finally we went to a remote city near Guangzhou. It was yet another beautiful place and clean place. This cleanliness in China was heart winning thing. Everywhere there is camera which is active and connected to the police control room. And they are really quick to action. So you will feel safe there. Enjoyed the local food in the place and stayed there for a weeks time. Went to the top mountains and saw lots of temples. All in all it was a fabulous trip. Looking forward to go there again soon. More to come, until then Take Care.


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