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February 7th 2008
Published: February 7th 2008
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FORBIDDEN CITY ( 06.02.2008)
As our hostel is behind few corners there was no rush for us to get us this morning. It was slightly disappointing as there was scaffolding on the main temple . As soon as you step into the city you get sense of different world. I can only imagine how beautiful it must of been when this city was in it's pride and not full of tourist with cameras. As we do, without any plans what we want to see and have all day for it, well till 3.30 we wonder around . Saw beautifully, extraordinary art and architecture but you can get easily lost and without proper plan you just don't have time to see it all in one day. And as we have missed out on couple of the major sights, given time will allow us we would like to come back. And as tradition goes we have had a little excitement by meeting three land form Czech Republic - sorry guys don't remember your names... Josef, Mirek and...? from Hranice and sorry for giving you the wrong info about the Chinese New Year, we thought it was Eve of 7th not Eve on 6th. Anyway blame me Romi, after 11 years of English, can not distinguish between falls on the day an it is the day. Never mind, hope you have fond out in time to join in the celebration.

After we got out of the city we got bit peckish and as a started Renata fancied something bit oriental - crickets, snakes, seahorse, lizards, scorpion, ...take pick so what we having? CRICKETS- Yam. I am the weaker link could not face eating anything that has so many legs and I despise so much, however I had great time almost peed my pans with laughter and have it all on camera - Renata eating crickets not me peeing pans.

pyromaniacs that is the only way to describe the Chinese on the New year, just see the video...

ZAKAZANE MESTO (06.02.2008)
Protoze nas hostel je hned za rohem od naseho dalsiho cile coz bylo Zakazane Mesto, nemusely jsme nikam spechat. Zklamanim bylo leseni kolem nekterych chramu. Hned po vztupu do mestecka vam pripadne jak kdyby jsem vztoupili do jineho sveta. Muzeme si jen predstavit, jak krasne to muselo byt v te dobe. Nadherne umeni, architektura, ale bez poradneho planu nemate sanci to stihnout videt cele za jeden den. A protoze obvykle my nic neplanujeme, tak jsme nevideli nektere z hlavnich casti a pokud nam to cas dovoli tak bychom se tam rady vratily. Tradicne se nas den neobesel bez mensiho povzdvizeni a potkaly jsme tri cechy z Hranic. Prominte kluci nepamatujeme si vase jmena, Mirek, Josef... ne nepamatujeme.... chteli jsme se Vam omluvit za podani spatnych informaci ohledne Cinskeho Noveho Roku. Byly jsme stejne prekvapeny, kdyz jsme prisly na to, ze to bylo 6. a ne 7., ale doufame, ze jste si to stejne uzili.

Po te co jsme vysli ze mestecka meli jsem na neco chut, no a Renatka mela na mysli neco orientalniho.... kobylky, hadi, morky konicci, jesterky, skorpioni.... vyberte si.... tak co si to dame? KOBYLKY Mnam. A protoze ja jsem slabsi clanek tak bych to nedala, ponevac nesnasim sestinohe potvory, ale ja se taky bavila, malem jsem si cvrnkla smichy do kalhotek... mam to natocene... Renatku jak tlaci do hlavy kobylky ne jak jsem si malem cvrnkla.

...blazni to je jediny zpusob jak popsat Cinsky Novy rok, jen se mrknete na video

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7th February 2008

hey there sounds like u are have fun! Love the photo's! It looks cold! Your friend is so brave eating bugs! carly xx
7th February 2008

cest vy dve!tak vidim ze tam pekne besnite!jo a segra po te fotce co jsem videl jsem ti naposled dal pusu!!!!!!ty tez nevis co bys do te huby narvala!!!!!fuuuuuj! jo a to tvoje icq je 461741061 ale heslo nevim a nick je smileheart tak doufam ze se brzo pripojis a pokecame!jinak ja se pilne pripravuji na nas bal a nasi se pripravuji hlavne psychicky!!!!budou mit v sobotu plny barak ozralcuuuuuu ale uz jsou na to z predchozich rocniku zvykli!!!!!tak se tam drzte a mam vas od vsech pozdravit!!!!

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