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August 4th 2010
Published: August 9th 2010
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So after spending my last few days with Chloe on Koh Chang, Thailand - the details of which I'm not going to bore you with as apart from one great day snorkelling the rest of the time was spent hiding from the pouring rain. Although hang on, our last night together we decided to splurge with the last of our Baht and we went to Monkeys for dinner, good decision! We had THE best meal, starting with cocktails followed my mains of chicken breast served on creamy mash with delightful veggies, inc asparagus that was sauteed' to perfection!

Anyway enough of my obsession with on wed Chloe and I caught the ferry back to the mainland and that is where we parted ways after 44 days of travelling together. Although it was sad to see that end I was excited to be moving on to a new country. So Chloe hopped on her 8hr bus to Bangkok and I took a taxi to the Trat bus station which ended up being much further away than expected. This was only a problem because I had booked with an eco lode to stay for 2 nights in Cambodia and they had arranged a tuk tuk driver to pick me up at the border at around 2.30pm. I left the ferry terminal at 12 and by the time I got to the bus station it was 12.45, I thought ok no worries there will be a mini van at 1 and I'll still make it by half 2 to the border......unfortunately there was not a bus leaving as one as advertised and I had to wait a whole hour for the 2oclock bus!

So after an hour and a half of bumping over the worst roads I've come across in thailand I made it to the border an hour late fully expecting the tuk tuk driver to have ditched me. You can imagine my relief as I walked through no-mans land on my way to Cambodia when I saw a guy walking towards me with a little sign ''Welcome Lisa" - sweet! Ray patiently waited for me to go through the formalities of arriving in Camboda. Which as well as an overpriced visa involved me filling out a 'Quarantine" form and having a man point a laser at my forehead in order to take my temperature (35.8 degrees for those who are interested) then he charged me 20 baht for the privelage! What a laugh.

After all the border shenanigans I boarded Ray's tuk tuk which was pretty luxurious so I felt a bit like a queen and enjoyed the 45 min drive to the river before hopping on a boat the rest of the way to Rainbow Lodge.

My first impressions of Cambodia where fantastic the Koh Kong area is just stunning. Rainbow Lodge has only 7 bungalows and is all inclusive because essentially you're in the middle of the jungle. I had a great time there, we went for a one day trek to a couple of lovely spots, including the Tatai Waterfalls which are amazing, the biggest I've seen and delightfully refreshing after tramping through the jungle all day.

Next day it was an early bus to Phom Penh in order to purchase a new camera, one night there at a questionable guesthouse and then up to Siem Reap. I've been here for 2 full days now and I really like the feel of the place. Today I met with the representative from Plan who will take me on my village visit to my sponsored child, Vuon tomorrow. He kindly took me around the markets to purchase some gifts for the villagers, its apparently a bit of a trek to get to the village so I think it will be a long day but I can't wait!


11th August 2010

Hi Lissyy Reading you blogs is fantastic your adventure sound like great fun. I read them to the kids they think you are awesome. Glad you having great time.I rang the International Mail Centre and paid for your little parcel to get treated. All is good here, mum still here Simon and I heading to Busselton on the weekend am looking forward to that. Went to the Visitor Info Centre, it was really sad it felt really cold they have nothing in there at all. Just lame brochures no atmosphere at all. Boys just about finished footy last game this weekend, thank goodness mum says she has been the footy Take care sweets xxxooo Love Goodies and mum xxx

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