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September 11th 2014
Published: September 11th 2014
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Weyyyyyyy that buss was gippen!!!!!!!! Absolute joke. To be fair we only paid 13 dollars each from siem reap to shianuksville. Got told it would take 9 hours. Got on the bus at 11pm. It was a sleeper bus so instead if chairs they have loadsa lie down beds.....not to bad if ya close ya eyes n pretend your on a sun lounger. Apart from the stench like.... So the masks we bought the other day to take the piss actually came in handy. The bus was full of Cambodians nobody spoke a word of English..... They were all mingen, snoring n coughing their guts up all the way, dutty gets. Got a few hours sleep, bit random when u wake up n out the window your on a road surrounded by pigs like?! By 7 am it was light and we were thinking we must be geting close. Then....their was a geet explosion n the bus stopped. People were getin off n geting onto mini busses n that n we just thought it was a stop coz we'd been told nowt. Found a American bloke who was going same place as us n he told us the crack that the bus had broke down n we just had to make our own way their. This would be ok if it was only 2 hours away but we realised the get in the travel shop was a massive bellend and it was never gonna be 9 hours and we weren't even close to pnom penh which is still another 4 hours from where we were goin. We got a lift off a mini van that pulled up to pnom penh and needles to say we'd missed the connecting bus to shianuksville....we could've waited another 4 hours for the next one but were tits on tour so wasted 65 dollars getin a taxi. Not bad though for a 4 hour journey. For people who eat on an hourly basis you can imagine how hungry and stressed Oot we were. So stressed that we needed a massive voddy when we got to aqua resort where we're staying. How excited were we though when we realised how close we were to pub street. Got changed and went for a Deek about down their.....cushty theirs only 9 bars....we'd read their was 10 but ones closed down so were gonna stay n open it back up haha. Like we say every place we go on holiday. Best bars ran by the Cambodian Tina turner.We were only gan for a couple last night.....hmeeeeee. Again we were clips. Allways clips on first night of ya holls but coz were movin about so much we have like 3 first night in a week were f***d. Got pissed with the Cambodian women and duty old English men on pub street then met a lad who lives here n he's from Edinburgh called warren so he took us down the beach bars.....1 dollar buckets ya shittin us?! It's dearer to stay sober here than get mortal. We went to jj's n saw johnny who we met in Bangkok.....he'd wouldn't have recognised us if we hadn't been states!!!! End of the night was the usual get ya tuk tuk driver to find ya some scran. he took us to a bloody casino....dead posh n us two walk in looking for scran. We got chucked out for bein to noisy so he drove us to some Cambodian food stall. they had snails the Warwick let me tell ya!!!!!! We spend more on the tuk tuks lookin for takeaways than we do on the whole night out!!!!!! Chillin round the pool today keep sticking wor heeds in the room checking pistorious.........still love him!!!! Haha. The beaches are lush here but we can't be arsed today haha we 'll go Tomorra like everything else were meant to do!!! More beach party's tonight n gonna go extreme buggying on the beach Tomorra too. This pools full of porvorts aswell.....geet wrinkly old men with young Cambodian birds. Rank n johnny Vegas is in the pool


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