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January 21st 2018
Published: January 21st 2018
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Day 11 Kep

We encountered some wet roads this afternoon and even a few spots on our heads as we rode into Kep, the first on this trip. It had rained overnight which made the atmosphere a bit humid and although it ONLY got up to 32 degrees, it felt more draining and I felt sluggish all day. The most part of the 102 km was on busy roads with trucks and coaches etc. which is not the most pleasant of conditions for cycling. Again we have seen pure Health and Safety at work where about four men were digging up a big hole in the busy road surrounded by three cones and a motorbike remorqu. As we approached Kep and the coast we took a dirt road which went to the coast by a large white stallion on a roundabout on a wide dirt road. There were several fishing boats 200 metres away at sea and people were wading out to them in the shallows just above knee hight. We stopped there for a snack and a guy on a small motorbike turned up and put on a small ghetto blaster then he and Roger were dancing to the music - if that is what it could be called. As we came off the dirt we passed quite a few houses over the water on stilts and in extremely poor condition. Very poor families. Then David got a thorn in his tyre and had to have his tube changed before we went to photograph the crab statue on the edge of the sea. We have noticed that Cambodia loves statues as we have seen may over the past week. The market in town was very busy selling fish of any and every sort and selling prawns, squid and fish barbecued on a stick for all who wanted a quick snack. The Flamboyant Resort is very nice and we have cabins amongst the trees and with an outdoor pool. The rooms are very nice but I had a cold shower since I did not realise that the water was plumbed in the wrong way round with the hot tap turned to the right. Now sat outside the cabin in the evening warmth complete with insect repellent since I am sure they are waiting to descend at any moment.

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