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October 14th 2007
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Dean feeling MachoDean feeling MachoDean feeling Macho

The place we went to was really weird but the guys were very friendly....well they were making a lot of money from Western men wanting to shoot!
Dear All

We're a bit behind on the log....sorry....but we've been side tracked given that Cambodia is brilliant.

We arrived and didn't really do much for the first day....we just explored the area. We stayed on the river front and it was so different to Saigon. Really relaxed with an elephant walking by! And the food.....mmm.

We got our act together and decided to see the sights. I was reluctant to go, but people we've spoken to on our trip said that the Killing fields and the S21 prison were a must. And they were. The Pol Pot regime of the Khmer Rouge was so awful and the trip was so sad. We both felt that it was worthwhile seeing even though it was very upsetting. Given what they've been through, Cambodian people are so lovely and friendly. I guess it makes you appreciate what you have.

Dean decided to cheer himself (although I watched on nervously) as he shot a AK47, a pump action shot gun and a Colt 45 handgun (obviously he's dictated this bit to me!) He had great fun and even hit the paper
The killing fieldsThe killing fieldsThe killing fields

This is a photo of a huge monument containing skulls and bones to remember the 1000s who died at the hands of the Khmer Rouge.
target (which he's kept as proof). He felt like Rambo meets Dirty Harry.

After, we decided for a change of scenery and headed for the back packer area by the lakes, really to meet more back packers and to chill out a bit more - check out the sun set there.

We stayed 4 nights in total, saw some temples and palaces etc but really just soaked in the atmosphere.

Next stop Sihanoukville and the best beach in Cambodia!

lol Lowri and Dean

Additional photos below
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Elephant by the riversideElephant by the riverside
Elephant by the riverside

I don't know how cruel this is, or whether the elephants are really well cared for. Either way, it was a surprising sight!
Sunset at the lakeSunset at the lake
Sunset at the lake

After a hard day of sightseeing....this was a perfect end to the day

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