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December 9th 2012
Published: December 9th 2012
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A lot has happened in the last month. At some point this stopped feeling like a trip and started feeling like life. It doesn't seem weird anymore, I don't feel like I'm on some crazy adventure. It just feels like this is what I should be doing.

I bought a necklace way back in Bukit Lawang (where we did the jungle trek and saw orangutans) that is a foot carved out of coconut. That foot has come to mean a lot to me. At first I thought it was cool because I love dance, I love yoga and I'm travelling. Now is also means that every step I take is precious. While I want to see the world, I don't want to leave my footprints behind; I want to leave the places I come across just as they are.

The last month has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I went into Vietnam eager to see as much as possible and take it all in. When my Grandfather got sick it was hard for me. I was stuck between wanting to go home to support my family and trying not to miss a second of this adventure. Through many many emails, some great skype calls and my fantastic boyfriend we all got through it and my Grandad is doing much better now. Thank you everyone back home who did their part to help.

It's getting harder and harder to write. I've fallen into a sort of trance and I never want it to go away. I want to live in my fuzzy bubble forever. I love everything. I love the busy streets. I love the way my hair looks after being in the ocean. I love coconuts. I love fried noodles with vegetables. I love how many moments in a day I find myself smiling for no reason. I love that I've been with one man every second of every day for the last 5 months and I still can't get enough. I love how many old friends have come out of the woodwork to share their travel knowledge. I love making new friends every day – even if it's a chicken or a dog. I love the ocean. I love the mountains. I love love love the smell of the breeze as it drifts from the sea up to my nose. I love how simple my life has become. Why did I ever make things so complicated?

The most important thing I've learned on this trip so far is to simplify; Stop worrying. Is it Bob Marley who said “don't worry, by happy”? He might have been high but he was definitely on to something.

Before I left home, people would say I was going on a soul searching adventure but I never looked at it that way. I didn't go on this trip to find myself or anything like that. All I wanted was to explore, to see something new. Most days I get to see something new. Most of the time that new thing is completely refreshing and I drink it in like delicious young coconut juice.

The month ahead is going to be a doozy: Paul comes to join us, we will be celebrating Christmas and bringing in a new year. I don't even want to think about that though; I'm too busy enjoying this moment.

Xoxo Becs


10th December 2012

Time does fly
Sure hope you are learning how to make those fried noodles with vegetables. I love them too. Your words make me cry again. Where did you come from? Why am I so priviledged to have a daughter so worldy and 'wordy' with the right attitude and prospect on life. Keep enjoying this experience with the one you love. Life is too short and as Grandad said, 'things can change so quickly'. All I can say is We have done our part showing you the life we chose and love LOVING too. Stay safe & keep the blogs coming. Can't wait to touch you soon. <3 months. Love Mom XO
10th December 2012

WOW....Rebecca, what an inspirational letter.. You hit the nail on the head..."don't worry, be happy"! Glad you are loving every minute....I am so Happy for you! Luv Gina and Dave
11th December 2012

Hi from London ONt
Hi Beca and Tylor, I am enjoying what you share in your writings. It is like reading a novel. Am eager to hear more. When you meet up with Paul, please give him a big hug for me. Continue your joy of life. Wow!!! How can it get better then that? Mary :)

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