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Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap August 29th 2003

I am in Cambodia, which is a change from the diving island paradise of Ko Tao. I arrived in Siam Reap at about 9pm last night. Have got a styley guesthouse for $5US for both of us. The night in Bangkok before we travelled here was excellent, five of us bought some big decorated north-Thailand-hilltribe-women’s' hats and went on a bender. Even got a cheer from half of Gulliver’s (a pub in Khao San Rd) when five of us walked/danced in with the hats on. Standard stuff for Ponsonby Rd but it was received very well here. Stupid kiwis... I was working on the principle that if I got one hours sleep the 13 hour trip would pass quicker due to crashing on the bus. It worked for the Ko Tao - Bangkok trip a day ... read more
Old text at Bantay Srei
Bantay Srei
I am at the top

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap April 13th 2003

Don't you love it when out of the blue a new travel opportunity presents itself? Oh yes, I know I do ... and continuing from the previous journal here's my story. My friend from Quebec and I were strolling around the Laos capital of Vientiane when a sign in a travel agency caught my eye. They were offering a direct bus trip to Siem Reap in Cambodia to view the world famous Angkor ruins. Was this for real, a single bus ride to the border, then all the way south through Thailand and into Cambodia? This opportunity was a dream come true, and I was galvanized by a sense of excitement. My friend was quickly won over, dear reader, but the agency said a minimum of four people were required for a guaranteed departure on the ... read more
Kids at Angkor ruins
Ta Prohm temple
Stone carvings, Angkor ruins

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap February 28th 2003

The journey up the Tonle Sap River to Siem Reap should have been a sublime experience. It passes through a lake of immense proportion where upon about half way through you can look both port and starboard and genuinely struggle to see the riverbanks. Stoked by the confluence of the Mekong it's comfortably the largest lake in Indo-China yet it was marred by an act of pure folly. Somehow I lost a camera film in Phnom Phen and it was on this journey that I discovered such. For solace I instead purged my camera film with images of tanks and various munitions at Siem Reap War Museum. I would have probably done so regardless. Russian T-54 tanks are plentiful along with an array of heavy artillery and small arms. In the fore court they even have ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 30th 2003

The speedboat the next day took us through Tonle Sap - which is a large inland lake formed when the sea pushed back on the river. It is quite amazing and at times you can't see either shore from the boat. I slept a lot on the boat and when we got to Siem Reap about 6 hours later I headed to Smileys guesthouse that was recommended by Kristen. I got a nice room, ate some food and then slept for about 16 hours - Phnom Penh was a great city, one of the favorites on my travels, but it had unbeknownst to me exhausted me. Most people visit Siem Reap so they can explore Angkor Wat - the world famous temples built between 7 and 11 centuries ago and rediscovered only in the last one ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap December 22nd 2002

Siem Reap was friendly laid back little down in those days so after breakfast we walked down to the markets near the river it is a hot 35-degree day and we can walk the streets with out the harassment we received in Hanoi. The markets were ok I bought a few bits and pieces and gave a little money to the land mine victims and lunch was pleasant, we returned to the hotel to chill until dinner time. We ventured back to a restaurant bar in the town centre for dinner that night which was apparently a favourite haunt of Angelina Jolie when she was filming Tomb Raider. Mark is sick again, so he decided to return to his hotel while I headed on to a night club, not sure what I expected but old perverts ... read more
Siem Reap Circa 2002
One of the many other emples in the area
Beautifully carved temple decoration

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap February 9th 2002

2 weeks in Cambodia, shooting off guns... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 7th 2002

Geo: 13.4691, 104.041Up at 05.00h; packed; breakfast and quick ride to the airport. Easy time thru check-in, customs, and security. Short flight to Siem Reap -- but they still managed to serve a meal. On time landing. In line for visa, in line to pay, in line for immigration. Customs was no bother. Our guide met us -- in van, to hotel. Half hour to prepare to visit Angkors.We had an excellent guide for our two days in Siem Reap - he was just about my age, and it was interesting to compare lives (very glad I didn't have to live through the Pol Pot regime...). He also had very good English and was very informative ... the joys of tour guides with college degrees in the subject. We started with Angkor Thom - the great ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 7th 2002

Geo: 13.127, 103.7Breakfast at 7, met guide at 8. First stop was Bantea Prey -- meaning Sacred Sword. It was either an old monastery or a temple (or both) built by Jayavarman VII in honor of his father. This temple was very fun to explore - lots of collapsed rooms, trees growing over walls, moss on walls, multiple passageways and many small rooms. Very "exotic" feeling. It was overcast with a nice breeze, so lovely out. We had lots of fun trying to figure out the layout of the complex. Our guide said that there were still many landmines in the surrounding jungles; in fact, a couple of years ago, his brother-in-law lost a leg to a landmine while chopping firewood in the jungle. Though less impressive than Angkor Wat, this has been the most fun.Next ... read more

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