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June 4th 2009
Published: June 4th 2009
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Yesterday we woke up bright and early, well at around 7 am packed our bags and had breakfast. We then took a bus to the Northern Bus Terminal from there we took another bus that was to take us over to the Thai- Cambodian border. The bus journey lasts approximately 5 hours. The bus journey was fine, a little boring and long! Towards the end of the journey a weird show was put on the TV some kind of weird dancing-singing show the dancing was a weird, stiff and provocative. We got dropped off at a station and then had to take a Tuk-tuk to the border, we first got dropped at this place which was not the border and we were worried that we were going to have a scam but it turned out to be ok, they helped us organize a taxi that would take us to Siem Reap we still were not sure that it would be safe but we went along with it in hope that all would work out fine!
We arrived at the border and sorted out our Visas and getting the right stamps and all, the guys giving the stamps to get into Cambodia were playing with the webcams and everything was very relaxed. Oh yeah and also we had out temperatures checked maybe it’s a normal procedure or maybe it’s something they are doing now because of the Swine Flu.
Now in Cambodia we got on a free shuttle bus that would take us to our taxi, the shuttle bus ride only lasted a couple minutes, it was raining quite hard at this point! We got on the taxi and set of in direction to Siem Reap, cars drive on the right side of the road here so I’m going to need to do some adjusting! The road to Siem Reap is really good and really straight!
The driver stopped along the way to put petrol in the car, they opened the boot and then pulled out a hose and then attached another hose to that and that’s how the petrol was put it, we were worried that the thing would overflow all over our bags but it seemed to work just fine.
We arrived in Siem Reap and then got into out hotel; we met Erica along the travels who shared the taxi with us she is from Canada we had dinner together and then went to bed exhausted!
Today we are going to wander around Siem Reap and then tomorrow morning we will be heading out to Angkor Wat for sunrise! Woo will give more info about Cambodia when I have seen more !


4th June 2009

How's the weather?
Cambodia should be stunning. "Hoped it would work out fine"? If you feel something's not right, just trust your instincts. Keep safe. x
5th June 2009

Looks like u had a lot of close calls, lucki things worked out o.k. Have u seen Erica since? How was the sunrise? x

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