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June 7th 2009
Published: June 7th 2009
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Its 7 am and we are waiting for our bus which will take us to the capital of Cambodia, Phom Penh!
Two days ago we went to see the Temples of Angkor, we woke up at 4 am and a tuk tuk came to pick us up at 5 am. We arrived at Angkor Wat around 5:15 Am in time for the sunrise. The sunrise for pictures was not too impressive but seeing the day start and seeing Angkor Wat becoming clearer was definitely impressive! After sunrise we went inside the temple and started walking around the endless corridors, it’s huge! And the pillars and walls are pretty much covered in carvings, the amount of detail and work!
After Angkor Wat we went to Angkor Thom, inside Angkor Thom we went to Bayon which was one of my favorite, it was the King’s state temples from the towers are four faces called Avalokiteshvara. There are a total of 54 towers and 216 faces! After that we walked to the Terrace of Elephants then a couple other smaller temples.
After lunch (I had an amazing chicken dish served inside a coconut and Steve had a curry which was lovely much sweeter than and not as spicy as the Thai curries also served in a young coconut) we went to Ta Prohm this was definitely our favorite! Ta Prohm was where some of the Lara Croft scenes were shot! The carvings on the walls are beautiful and large trees have grown over the stones and wall the roots crawling over the temple, it’s all so gorgeous! After seeing this temple we did a few others one which was very high and had extremely steep steps, actually wouldn’t call them steps it was more like a stone ladder, when we finished this it was around 4pm and we were exhausted having been in the heat all day and walked a great deal and climbed through the stones etc…so we decided to go back to the hotel.
Later on a night when we walked around looking for somewhere to eat a Cambodian guy came up to us and wanted to talk, we could see he was drunk so we tried to walk away but he called back and said a brilliant line. He said “I am drunk; I’m the fucking gangster of Siem Reap”!!!
Yesterday we had a relaxed day we went to have a massage and it was honestly amazing, it was painful but our shoulders, legs and backs needed it!
Don't have time to upload pictures but will do as soon as possible!


8th June 2009

Busy busy buzy eh? The faces thing sounds cool, were they all different expressions and shapes or was it repetitious? Lol i don't know why i ask these questions when commenting cos u never remember to reply to them. Coconut curry sounds good right about now...mmmm; have u had any sushi yet? That's cool, you've been to two movie loactions already ! THat guy sounds like a right character, ah dearie. Wow an Asian massage from asia, doesn't get better than that. Hope u're gud n' all Love u xxxxxxxxxxxx
9th June 2009

Hey, sounds like you're meeting interesting people. How long you in Cambodia for?

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