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January 7th 2018
Published: January 7th 2018
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J'ai encore commencé à écrire un article en anglais avant de réaliser que j'aurais dû le faire en français... Désolée !

We arrived in Siem Reap at about 6.30, took a tuk-tuk to our hostel and went to bed - the hostel kindly accepted to check us in that early! We had had a couple of hours' sleep on the bus so we were tired but we struggle to fall back asleep. We didn't do much on that day as we were quite tired. We had a relaxing day until I opened my rucksack and a baby cockroach happily crawled out of it. We spent the next half an hour with the staff spraying the whole dormitory and my bag, and checking my bag for eggs... That was a bit of a stressful moment! The cockroach might have hopped onto my bag in the storage room in the hostel in Sihanoukville where we left our bags after checking out, or it might have been in the night bus! The hostel in Siem Reap was very nice and the staff was amazing! We met a lot of nice people whom we went to dinner with: Yasmine from the Netherlands, Chris from Germany, Fendy from Malaysia and the manager of our hostel whose name I unfortunately cannot recall. On the next day, we woke up at 4am to see Angkor Wat for sunrise. It's 400 square kilometres of old temples, the most famous being Angkor Wat. We had gone to bed late and hadn't had much sleep in the last two days so that was a bit of a struggle! Angkor Wat was very busy. There were so many people at the same spot trying to get the same picture, it was crazy! We really didn't enjoy the experience - I'm glad I managed to take a couple of good pictures across the selfie sticks!
We visited 5 or 6 temples after Angkor Wat but I was so tired I couldn't really enjoy it! We got back to the hostel at about 10.30 and I went to bed. After that, I had another slow day while Shaun took an e-bike (a moped with pedals) to see the sunset at another temple - I was too tired to get out of bed so he went on his own. When he came back, we had dinner with Paolo - a roommate with a broken leg from Brazil, and Asia whom we had met in Sihanoukville.
On the next day, we left at 12.30 for the airport: we are going back to Kuala Lumpur to see a concert (I bought tickets to the concert for his birthday!)


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