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February 20th 2013
Published: February 27th 2013
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So after Koh Lanta, Lukas and I decided we need to see even more beautiful beaches, as in Koh Lanta they were nice but the white sand and the feeling of paradise was missing... so we headed to the worst possible island: Koh Phi Phi. It is indeed very beautiful and has for sure some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever come across... but you just couldnt see them because of the masses of tourists that inhaled the entire nature and left nothing but people and boats, we still managed to visit Maya Bay -where "The Beach" was filmed, we found some cool spots there, we went snorkeling, visited the monkey island and saw a beautiful sunset.

The island itself however didnt seem worth to spend more time on. So we packed our belongings and wanted to head to Bangkok as we only received a 14 day visa and needed to leave the country soon anyway. We took a ferry to Phuket and then a 12 hour busride to Bangkok, which wasnt too bad.

Arriving there at 8 am we managed to find our accommodation... well.. lets say the road there wasnt as appealing, but the place we stayed at was full of charm and worth the dodgy hard to find entrance.

Bangkok has an incredible amount of life in it. Its overwhelming how many people sell food, jewellery, arts and clothes everywhere on the streets. It was about 36 degrees and without the ocean that just doesnt work.

We stayed again two nights, had some more delicious thai food and Lukas played football with some locals. We didnt do much more as we will be back there soon.

Our next destination was Cambodia.

We booked the trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap through an agency, which we already started to doubt after reading a few bad articles about how they rip of tourists, well, too late. We departed yesterday morning at 7am. We made a few stops before we reached a small cafe close to the border where many tourists sat around plastic tables and were given forms to fill out. Straight after sitting down we were asked to buy a visa -we refused and said we would get it at the border, without hesitation we were taken away from the group put alone in a tuk tuk and driven away, we had no idea where to. the border? yes. we were given orange stickers through which we were marked to be basically picked up on the other side. it took quite long but we bought our visa, crossed the border and had to wait in total about an hour for the rest of the group to arrive. Once tehy arrived it turned out they overpaid by about 30% and it even took them longer. We were happy we didnt let them rip us off until we found out that we overpaid our busticket as well by about 40%. haha. well either way the average of that we paid was less than everyone elses.


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