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March 21st 2012
Published: April 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

After the worst journey due to all the waiting round in queues to get over the border we learnt that we are patient people. Due to the long journey we met a few friends along the way and all ended up staying at the same hotel. When we crossed the border we became millionaires, 200 pounds =10,000 (Thai) Bht = 1,000,000R = $300!! Its hard working in 4 currenicies, the empty space in our pockets where our mobiles once where is now filled with calculators.

Our first trip in Siem Reap was to a floating village on Tonle Sap Lake, over 1000 families live on the lake either on boats or raft houses. It was crazy, our boat steering wheel broke and the driver some how steered us to a floating garage where he got a welding machine and fixed it back on while we sat there! These guys are multi talented and multi-lingual! While we waited was saw a boy paddle by in a big metal pot. He looked so cute! We got taken to buy food to take to the orphans because there was a big flood in 2009 and many people died.

Next day we got up at 5 to go see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was beautiful! We spent the rest of the morning exploring Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. They were amazing and theres no restrictions so your free to explore. In our trip we also visited Ta Phrom which was the best by far! It was still covered in jungle with the huge tree roots growing over the temple.

That night we went out for Jenna's birthday (our USA friend we met on the bus). We were taken to a traditional Cambodian beer garden, drinks were very cheap, 3L for $4. Here we learnt that Cambodians can handle their drink. The food here has been varied, from traditional khmer food, mexican and cheese burgers (great hangover cure) Rachel hasn't found the taste for Khmer food yet and is now craving Thai food.

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10th April 2012

Angor What??
Hey! Looks like you are having an awesome time! I had to comment because your nightmare journey to Cambodia sounds exactly like mine! Think it took about 36 hours in all and included a lot of waiting around for coaches/buses to just turn up- they could literally be about 5 hours late and you just had to wait!! Also when you were in Siem Reap did you visit the bar Angor What?? We loved it there :) Keep on enjoying and making me jealous!! Kate xx

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