Arriving And Buying A Sim Card With Lots Of Data So You Can Work While You Are In Cambodia

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December 2nd 2017
Published: December 1st 2017
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If you are traveling to Cambodia for work, you may need to change your SIM to a local SIM card to cut down costs especially with expensive roaming rates. You can get a good SIM card in Cambodia but you need to know the how to get a SIM with good coverage and a lot of data.

To save money as a foreigner in Cambodia, you may need to compare the SIM card options available that would help you save money and yet give you a lot of data. You can save money also by getting a Flexiroam X International SIM Card which is a very good option especially for people who have to work in more than one country. This service provider is available in over 100 countries around the world and the SIM card comes in three different starter packages. Users can get between 1GB to 5G data and it uses pay as you go plans. It is a cheaper option than roaming or even buying a new SIM card in different countries.

Other options include getting a SIM card from some of the top telecom providers in Cambodia like Metfone, Smart, Cellcard, and QB. These networks are trusted and reliable and they have good coverage network around the major cities and towns in Cambodia.

The good thing about these telecom providers is that they offer very good calling rates and cheap data packages for their users. The top telecom providers have support for 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE packages.

Buying a SIM in Cambodia can be a little tasking as there are many regulations involved in the process especially for foreigners coming into the country. Visitors in Cambodia get to buy their SIM cards only from some approved dealers. To buy a SIM in Cambodia as a foreigner, you will have to register the SIM card which will require you have to show your passport, as well as your visa stamp and this, has to be done within seven (7) days of purchasing the SIM. The shop assistant where you purchase the SIM card can assist with the registration process.

Looking at each of the top telecom providers available to foreigners:

Metfone: they are the largest network operators in Cambodia and their SIM cards go for about $1 to $2. They offer 4G/LTE services and have the best tariff offers for foreigners. Credit can be bought at the rates of $0.5 to $50 and they have a validity period of up t 2000 days.

Smart: This network is the second largest and has the best network coverage. They offer data rates of up to 25GB.

Cellcard: It is the third largest network with coverage in major cities and towns. Their SIM card comes with free 50 SMS and 10MB data valid for up to 30 days. They offer the largest data service of up to 40GB subscription for users.

Cellcard has special options for tourists like the $2 SIM card which comes with $0.50 credit and free 1.4GB data for up to 7 days and the $5 SIM card with $0.50 credit and free 3GB data valid for up to 30 days.

QB: They are the smallest but their data rates are very cheap, users can get up to 7.5GB for just $10.


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