Can I get a photo with you please?

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October 24th 2013
Published: October 31st 2013
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Can we get your photoCan we get your photoCan we get your photo

all facing Lorenza haha
The photos attached to this blog are of some of the people that asked if they could be photographed with Lorenza on our trip to Myanmar. They were taken at various locations.

Lorenza joked that she felt like some kind of celebrity. Many people commented how beautiful they thought she was, especially when wearing the traditional Burmese longyi. A few times she said “Ok, today no longyi, I need a break from all this fame”. Obviously, Lorenza looked much better in a longyi than I did.

It always amazed me that often the people asking for a photo with Lorenza had no camera or phone so they would never see the photo, they were just happy to pose with her. Often, once one person asked others would come over and want to pose with her also, so it could get a bit draining. But, Lorenza took it all in good humour.

One lady commented to Lorenza at a Pagoda that she was so happy that Lorenza respected “our traditions by wearing the traditional dress” and went on to say “I hope you live a long and happy life, thank you for being so respectful”

Another couple asked Lorenza to hold their baby and took some shots of this and their young girl with Lorenza. Their profuse thanks after taking the photos took us a bit by surprise. Another couple insisted,, nicely, of taking photos with both Lorenza and I and held us like we were long lost family members.

I hope you like the collection of photos as much as the people who posed for them did when we showed them the results.

Additional photos below
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No longyiNo longyi
No longyi

"I like your hair"
souvenir salessouvenir sales
souvenir sales

"Please can I have a photo with you"
village kidsvillage kids
village kids

their parents asked us to take the photo
temple guidetemple guide
temple guide

"can I get a pic with you please Madame"

"can you pose with us"
postcard sellerpostcard seller
postcard seller

she forgot to sell us cards so i bought some anyway

2nd November 2013

Proud Friend of the "Super Star" of the journey
I am proud to see Lorenza in Longyi (especially the purple colour one)....we took many great snapshots of yours....simply feel that I am travelling with a "Super Star" who is warmly welcomed and has attracted the crowd wherever we go. Thus, I am also surprised that Rob greeted "Minglabar" ("How are you") to most local Burmese respectfully whenever he met new friends. I think I need to improve my Burmese Language as part of OKAY team member....are you OK?

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