Photos from Mandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma, Asia - page 3

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Mingun Paya
Monks watching the sunset
Internet in Burma
At the chapati stand
Ubei Bridge
Monk Life
Traditional Burmese Hats
Teak Temple Inwa
Monk at Mahamuni Paya
Burmese Food
Novice Monk Inwa
A 6'4" aspiring nomad gives scale to the size of the stupas
Another temple among the clouds
Temples, temples, temples
Another view from the stupa top
Sunrise over Mandalay
Boddhi leaf baby
Loading up the linecar
The She Monks
Fascinating Hsinbyume Pagoda
50 m high base of the Mingun Pagoda
'Cest joli, c'est pas cher, c'est local'
Inner door
Inside the Grand Bargaya Monastery
Our boat driver on the way to Inwa
Sun U Ponya Shin Pagoda in Sagaing
Tourist boat at U Bein Bridge
U Bein Bridge
Buddha statue in Amarapura
Stephan and the monk
Monks on the way to school
Masterpiece of the wood-carver’s art
Atumashi Kyaung
Another entrance to the Mandaly Hill
Myanmar woman selling exotic food
Preparing for the Elephant Festival
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