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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan October 18th 2011

Arriving anywhere at 4 in the morning is unlikely to appeal to most people, but add in the fact that the only form of transportation available is straight out of Steptoe & Son and even I was having some doubts. With our bags safely loaded onto the back of our trusty steed the second disadvantage of arriving in the middle of the night dawned on me, namely the impossibility of getting your bearings in a new town, particularly one lacking in street lights. Still, with our alternatives limited to walking around with a woefully inefficient torch, the horse and cart seemed like a good idea. It turns out that this is also the best way of visiting the sights of Bagan, as many of the roads are at least 75% sand, at least that is what ... read more
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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan September 21st 2011

Will keep this brief as I have blabbed on about Myanmar, now you can see for yourself... read more
That's what all the women do
Monks with a attitude
It's a snakes life

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan August 2nd 2011

Bagan is all about the temples. Apparently there are over 4000 temples in the area - the oldest ones date back to the 9th century. The best way to explore the temples is to either hire a bicycle or a horse cart. We were happy that we took the time to do both. The horse carts were fun, and the drivers were quite knowledgeable. The bicycle rentals were a little bit hit and miss and unfortunately, Jordan’s bike ended up with a flat tire one morning. It’s interesting to note how dry it is here compared with what we saw further south. Often we’d see threatening clouds, but didn’t really get much rain. When it did rain, we were thankful for some relief from the heat as it is hotter here than anywhere else we’ve been ... read more
temples 2
temples and horse cart
us on the train

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan July 15th 2011

Actually it won't. I've stubbornly clung to "Burma" as a rather lazy protest against the military junta that runs this joint who renamed the country "Myanmar", but have since learned that renaming the country might have been one of the few sensible things that they have done. The people here don't seem to like "Burma" nor do they refer to their country, language or culture as "Burmese" so hence, I'll give in and refer to it by it's proper name. The name of the country is only one of the many things I've learned about this amazing country. For instance, I learned that the vast majority of men wear "longhi" instead of pants. Envision a sarong for dudes. It looks quite comfortable and I'm sure the draft is nice but man, do they really need to ... read more
Shwedegon Temple, Yangon
Floating villages, Inle Lakes
Foot paddlers, Inle Lakes

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan June 12th 2011

Bagan can be described as a place where time has stood still and life continues in much the same way as it has done for centuries, as people ebb and flow languidly in Bagan's mystical and timeless setting. Huddled around the main road was a small town where people are making errands from their nearby village, on foot, on motorbike or by traditional horse and cart. It really set back the date as we saw people sitting in small carriages holding baskets of shopping as a horse trots and pulls the people along a dusty road. The real awe-inspiring scenes are in the surrounding areas of the town. There are hundreds of ancient temples of many designs scattered across the land. After climbing some of the taller temples, we were granted the spectacular views where we ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan April 9th 2011

30 mars 2011 J'embarque dans un bus pour un six heures de route à partir de Mandalay... vers Bagan. Ce sera la route la plus merdique de tout mon périple en Asie du sud-est. Le site des temples de Bagan est pourtant réputé pour être l'un des plus impressionnants sites du genre, de même niveau qu'Angkor Wat au Cambodge (ce n'est pas peu dire). Mais mon 12$ de bus et mon 10$ pour entrer au site de Bagan n'ira pas à la rénovation de la route: cet argent ira directement dans les poches des généraux. (On dit que le cadeau de mariage du général en chef à sa fille en 2006 s'élevait à plus de 50 millions de dollars... ce qui représentait alors trois fois le budget national alloué à la santé... ) La route de ... read more
Photo de famille 1
Paysan sur le site de Bagan
Strange Love

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan March 20th 2011

Myanmar Part 5 This 'blog' is the fifth (and last) describing our time in Myanmar (Burma to some). If you missed earlier 'episodes' in this series, you can find #1 here , #2 here , #3 here , and #4 here . As posts in the previous 'episodes' noted, when in Myanmar, we had the 'trouble' of very slow internet speeds. Given this, we were unable to add pictures to the previous 'blogs' in this series. Interestingly, when we were at the Yangon airport, we were able to access the internet with very fast speeds. It appears that v... read more
Thatbyinnyu Pahto
Tharabar Gate

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan March 3rd 2011

Bagan, an ancient capital of several kingdoms within Burma, home to some 2,217 pagodas. One of the big four destinations in Burma, if not THE destination. The plan of attack was to spend a few days here exploring the temples and its surrounds mostly via bicycle. And that’s pretty much what happened. But for starters for a mere I believe $16 a night I perhaps stayed in one of the nicest hotels that I’ve stayed in over the past few years travelling. A wicker orientated roundhouse with futons, air con, en suite shower, shitter and minibar, oh and lights! Not to mention breakfast and a SWIMMING POOL! Which was going to become a sublime treat when the mid-afternoon heat kicked in. Arriving around 4pm’ish we opted to head straight to the pool as opposed to ... read more
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Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan February 26th 2011

I caught the bus from Mandalay to Bagan at 8am and for the first time there were more tourists on the bus than locals. After a couple of hours we stopped for a toilet stop in a small town while the driver and his assistant changed a flat tyre. Four hours later along a bumpy road we arrived at Nyaung U which is where most people stay to see the temples of Bagan. Found some accommodation for $10 a night, had something to eat, and then had a look at a large temple complex in town. On the way back to my hotel I ran into Jessie and Hilary, my Canadian friends who I had spent quite a bit of time with the previous couple of weeks. That night we caught up with each other at ... read more
Bagan - sunrise

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan February 5th 2011

One of the reasons we left a day later from Yangon was so that we could take a ferry boat from Mandalay to Bagan on the Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) river, which was apparently a beautiful trip (not to mention more comfortable than taking another bus!). It left at 6 am so we could see the sunrise on the boat just before floating by the famous hillside temples of Sagaing. Our boat was full of package tourists which was a bit of a shame as they seem to be a lot more demanding ("I have to pay 500 kyats for hot water??pff..." Uhm lady, you're on a boat, maybe you should be happy you can get hot water!). But of course, there were normal people too :) We enjoyed the views from the deck where we had to ... read more
Sulamani Paya
Our guide in Thabeik Hmaung
Sunset from Dhammayazika Paya 3

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