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January 13th 2012
Published: March 8th 2012
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Smiling girlSmiling girlSmiling girl

She really has an adorable smile, doesn't she?

Faces in Bangladesh

I took several nice photos of people when I was in Bangladesh. A few of those photos I have already published in the other two blog entries I have written on Bangladesh. If you want to read those entries, containing my stories and a few others of my photos from Bangladesh, you can follow this link, for the first half of the trip, and this one, for the latter half. But when I look through my photos I see several more nice photos of people that I can not fit in anywhere in the other two entries. Therefore I have decided to put up a third blog entry from Bangladesh, one with only people in it.

OK I admit that I cheat a little bit this time. Most of the text, and it is not much, I have simply copied from a blog entry I wrote last year. But I spend so much time writing all the other blog entries that once in a while I think I can allow myself to put together one entry without having to put in too much effort in it. When Emma and I started this blog in 2006 the main purpose was to make it possible for us to upload photos and make them available to our friends and relatives. The text, the information and the story telling is and has always been secondary to us. It is to be able to publish photos we have the blog. So, staying true to the original purpose of this blog, I now make a blog entry with mainly photos in it. I hope you like these photos as much as I do.

I have asked the people in the photos for permission to take their picture and everybody agreed. Most of them seemed to be quite happy that I wanted to take photos of them. In other countries it is not always easy to get the locals to pose in front of a camera. That was not the case in Bangladesh. I guess the reason why people were so happy to have me take pictures of them is that there are so few tourists around. The locals simply have not gone tired of people wanting to take their photos yet. That is one of the advantages of visiting countries where other tourists do not go.

But don't think that because
Smoking womanSmoking womanSmoking woman

Smoking women are common in many countries. But women smoking pipes I can't remember having seen ever before
there are few tourists around it automatically is easy for you to take photos of people because that is not always the case. In Yemen it was almost impossible for me to take photos of women. I could take photos of men but not of women. You can see some photos of men in the first blog entries I made back in 2006. When I was in North Korea, that was long before we started the blog, it was not possible to take photos of people either. In North Korea I ccould noteven talk to people. The only ones they allowed me to talk to there were people whose job it was to talk to foreigners.

Additional photos below
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An odd characterAn odd character
An odd character

This odd looking character was lurking around a temple one day. He could be a holy man, a so called sadhu, but I think he is the local fool
Woman smokingWoman smoking
Woman smoking

Smoking women are common in many countries. But women smoking pipes I can not remember having seen ever before. Oh, that is a bit pipe
Man in the fish market in ChittagongMan in the fish market in Chittagong
Man in the fish market in Chittagong

This bloke has no idea how well this photo came out
Man in the fish market in ChittagongMan in the fish market in Chittagong
Man in the fish market in Chittagong

He looks pretty cool, doesn't he?
Smoking womanSmoking woman
Smoking woman

This woman is also smoking one of those big pipes
Village ElderVillage Elder
Village Elder

This man is the village elder in one of the Chakma villages I visited. His profession, before he retired, was to be a teacher.
Smiling girlSmiling girl
Smiling girl

Maybe a bit shy though

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