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October 24th 2010
Published: October 24th 2010
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A Paddy FieldA Paddy FieldA Paddy Field

The one photo i took at Chittagong U
Of all the bad things that could go wrong, the majority of them went wrong this week. This blog is, therefore, a sense of finality to the terrible week; a way for me to forget my troubles and move on to ever greener pastures.

Sensibly, i shall start at the beginning of the week (last Sunday). After a relaxing weekend to get over the horrors of Cox's Bazar (i still shudder at the thought) another day's holiday loomed large. I planned to go to Chittagong University with the Library staff for some lunch and to look at the lovely scenery. But, whilst Sunday loomed large, so did an illness of dramatic proportions. Now, you won't want me to go into details, but i'll let you fill in the blanks with a simple statement; the toilet and myself became very, very firm friends. This put on hold any enjoyment i could garner from the countryside of Chittagong University - with stomach churning a long and bumpy car ride, walking and heat really did me very little good, and the enjoyment was at an all time low. Monday came along, i took a trip into school, but after only an hour i decided enough was enough, i would have to depart on my sorry way back home and spend the day sleeping and running to the bathroom. Lovely. After not eating for two whole days (i hear the gasps already), the bowels began to sort themselves out and Wednesday was a much, much brighter day. I think the coconut water, of which i was told to drink countless times, actually did aid me.

So, with the stomach problems behind me, i regained a certain spring in my step and was ready to tackle the last day of school. The day itself went off without a hitch, and before i knew it, i was waiting outside of the flats for the minibus to take us on our weekly shop to Khulshi-mart and Bonny to the gym. Oh how the gods turned against me for a second time. After numerous phone calls, getting slowly more irate, we were informed of a distinct lack of minibus, and therefore a distinct lack of shopping. Unfortunately, the lady who organised the minibus was sacked the day before, and she had neglected to inform anyone of my regular use of the bus. Anger filled me and Bonny,
At WorkAt WorkAt Work

Unrelated, maybe. But i must prove that i do actually do some work.
we stormed up the stairs ranting and raving, she phoned her minibus man to complain, i received a phone call from the Headmistress attempting to calm me. We were much displeased. Just when i though things were going to go from worse to worse however, a trip to Impala for Dosa (food for you lay-men), presented a glorious opportunity. No sonner had we sat down in the empty restaurant than four white women walked in. Never have I been more pleased to see four white people chatting in English! We almost jumped on them, for both me and Bonny were severly lacking in Western friendship, and exchanged numbers with the promise to meet again!

Things were again on the up. I even watched Glee that night to begin a cheerful day. Maybe it was the overwhelming cheese-fest that is Glee, or maybe the poignant saying 'bad luck comes in threes' is a total truth. Alas, on Friday morning, my laptop charger decided it would give up the ghost and propel me into a world where the internet was not at my fingertips. Due to the abuse of my laptop battery, i had only twenty minutes of charge remaining in my laptop, a sorry state of affairs. Luckily, through strict adherence to timing, and the aid of Bonny, i did not fully lack the internet all weekend. For if i did, who knows what unhappiness would befall me. Luckily, now, i have received a new charger, larger and better than the first.

So there you see. A cheesy cliché has incredible resonance with me. Lets just hope that 'Good things come to those who wait' is equally as true and poignant. My bad luck, hopefully, has now run out. (Touch Wood).


29th October 2010

Well my darlin' Godson, sorry to hear of your recent misfortunes and I hope everything is now on the up and up. I have just returned from Morocco with Tessa. What an amazing time we had!! Hope Bonny had a good birthday and I look forward to reading the next installment.
2nd November 2010

That's not working, that's just posing for the camera or else you wouldn't be smiling!! Sorry, just thought I'd post a comment for a change.

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