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Asia » Azerbaijan » Nagorno-Karabakh October 19th 2010

Früh am Morgen liessen wir uns zur offiziellen Haltestelle der Busse nach Stepanakert bringen. Unser Koffer wurde zwischen verschiedensten Waren auf dem Dach platziert. In einem vollgepferchten Bus (improvisierte Bretter sorgten für zusätzliche Sitzplätze im Gang) gings los nach Karabach. Wir erreichten Stepanakert nach einer ca 5 stündigen Fahrt bei schlechtem Wetter und einer kurzen „Grenzkontrolle“ (das Visum hatten wir uns bereits vor einigen Tagen organisiert). Die offizielle Hauptstadt der Republik Nagorno Karabakh scheint eine saubere Provinzstadt zu sein, wären nicht die offiziellen, glamourös renovierten Gebäude der Regierung und viele teure Autos mit getönten Scheiben. Der Name Nagorno Karabach setzt sich übrigens aus dem russischen Wort "bergig" und dem aserischen Wort Karabach für "schwarzer Garten" zusammen. Die Armenier selbst nennen Karabach eigentlich Arz... read more
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Asia » Azerbaijan » Nagorno-Karabakh January 29th 2008

- I discovered today that the cookies that I have been dominating for the past couple of weeks which are always in the kitchen are special fiber digestive cookies.... while this sounds like light hearted humor it is the key to the many mysterious digestive adventures I have had since I've been here. Case closed...thank God. - Finally got a desk today and its actualy super nice. Carolina's parents have alot of furniture that they store after moving from a house to a flat, so apparently my family had a little shapping spree. - Francisco insisted that we sit down and translate that Dido song today, but wouldn't let me just say it in English, he forced me to sing. While embarrassing I think i am officially adopted into the family band. - While taking a ... read more

Asia » Azerbaijan » Nagorno-Karabakh July 31st 2006

Laying on my cot late at night, unable to sleep, listening to the eerie whaling of a far away dog, I realized it was death I felt around me, emptiness and death. There are thirty thousand ghosts in Nagorno-Karabakh. Everyone has lost sons. In a graveyard I saw a tombstone etched with a picture of a boy holding a machine gun and the dates 1969 -1993. There were hundreds more like it. From '89 to '93 residents of Stepanakert lived in their cellars while Russian missiles rained down on them from nearby Shushi. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russians withdrew and the Armenian army rushed in to support the guerillas. In '93 Shushi fell in a surprise attack by Armenian soldiers who climbed the cliffs below the city at night. A half million ... read more
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Asia » Azerbaijan » Nagorno-Karabakh September 30th 2005

On my first weekend in Armenia, I was privileged to join a group of students from Yerevan State University on a trip to Karabagh. I am incredibly thankful to Prof. Yeranosyan for allowing me to join him and his students on this fascinating adventure. The following story is based on that trip. By 7:00 am friday morning we were ready to go. Gor and I met Constantine (Cot) and his girlfriend Tanya (Tan) downstairs and split a cab to the University. We arrived first though more students trickled in slowly, as did Yeranosan, the organizer. A school bus and micro bus pulled up, setting Yeranosyan into action. He called everyone into a circle, read off our names, and organized us onto the two busses. As Lusine is good friends with Yeranosyan, my group, Gor, me, Cot, ... read more

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