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Asia » Armenia » South » Kapan October 14th 2012

27 September 2012 Our last day in Artsakh. It's been good staying in one place for three nights. Once we had breakfast we set off, our first destination - the post office. Easier said than done. It took as a while to find it. A very insignificant looking place considering we were in a capital city. It turned out that we had to wait for someone to arrive before we could get the stamps. The 'stamp fairy' arrived 10 minutes later, nonchalantly walking in. She proceeded to try to persuade us to buy commemorative stamps - she had millions of them! We succumbed and bought a couple. We then set off to Shushi, visit the carpet museum/showroom first. We had a little guide to the stories within the carpets. Apparently, as the people weren't allowed to ... read more

Asia » Armenia » South » Kapan September 23rd 2012

Despite going to bed quite late, I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. I hate it when that happens. I tried to make the most of my time and so I got up, showered and spent a bit of time updating the blog which is quite a time consuming business. The uploading of photos is particularly slow especially as I am also trying to rename them as well. Breakfast was at 9am so once we were all up we sat outside on the balcony where the view across the valley is fantastic. It was starting to warm up and I could feel the sun on my back. Anoush. Our first trip was to Matosavank which is close to Rasmik's place but up quite a steep climb. My legs were feeling a bit ... read more
Altar at Matosavank
Breakfast at Rasmik's

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