February 12th 2008
Published: February 12th 2008
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12,000 people...this is the number of tourists who visited Antartica in 2000....35,000...that's the figures for this 2007-2008 season...and I'm one of the few lucky ones. And number of people who went for a little dip of snorkeling...on the Luybov Orlova...I'm the first for the last 6 years that the expedition leader remember! Twelve months ago, I was saying, Antartica, it's a trip that I'll tak... Read Full Entry

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13th February 2008

Oh my gawd!!! You actually submerged yourself into freezing water! That's definitely one thing I will never do. Good for you! That was brave of you!
8th June 2008

Aitcho Island looks very green!
It was covered in snow when we visited in December. We were on the Orlova too, sounds like you had an equally great trip. The snorkelling look great.
30th May 2009

this is the most extraordinary travel blog i've read. i enjoyed looking at the pictures and i thing more, i just love the penguins. Great blog!!!
17th April 2011

very impressive - well done ;-) must have been so cold in the water haha
21st May 2011

Crazy friends!
The closest I have ever been to Antartica was sailing on one of the legs of the BAAE and my skipper and a couple of other lads are even crazier than you! Swimming in just their swimming costumes!!!!!! Hopefully the link will work:
21st May 2011

I have to say that your blog was pretty inspirational! It has made me really want to go all the more! Actually my daughter seems to be even more eager! It was when I realised that, without even doing it on purpose, it just happened, she has been to 6 of the 7 continents by the age of 5! Now she is 6 and desperate to see the wildlife in Antartica. Do you have any tips or advice in the best way of getting out there, the only people I have looked at is Gap travels. I look forward to hearing your advice! I hope you enjoyed Iguazu Falls, they are incredible! (have I imagined you were going there, I just reread the blog and couldn't see that anywhere, the insanity has set in!!!!) Hope you enjoyed the rest of the trip!!!
22nd May 2011

Not sure about aminimum age.
Ibelieve there may be a minimum age with most serious operators, something like 10 or 12. I went with Quark and was very happy with them.
30th June 2012
little hike....

Awesome picture...
If the pic looks so good.... I can't imagine how good you must be feeling over there...

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