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February 14th 2008
Published: February 14th 2008
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Here I am, back to South America...back to the internet world...so back to work...on the road. Was really happy to be
back to connection...even if this means a lot of emails to go through!

The Wow effect of this trip is starting to get in full gear...I don't know in which condition I'll finish this trip
or even this year...but who cares, let's enjoy!

Iguacu Falls, Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls...which one is the most impressive? I don't know, but trust me I'll
have the answer by the end of this summer.

Two more entries to wait for another dream trip...and at the same time, today was an impressive day in my little life
of world traveller...

Was happy yesterday to get back to internet, a proper jacuzzi in the bathroom...and a suite bigger than my flat...
as it make going back to work a lot more joyful!

This morning woke up early. Paraguay is just less than an hour from here. What's there to do in Ciudad del Este,
the border town...not much...except buying electronics...well, I did explode the screen of my digital camera 48
hours ago...so guess I found a good reason to go to Paraguay.

When do you start to add a country to your count...when you sleep there one night, well, I didn't...so not sure
it counts on the list or not...but who cares! Get my new camera, and did cross into Paraguay. Ciudad del Este...
looking like TST in Hong Kong...but more scary...kept my hands in my pockets, made it short...enjoyed the ride!

So to go to Paraguay, you transit 30km in Brazil...and I went back this afternoon to Brazil. I now have a full
page of Argentinian stamps on my passport...in a single day...not a great idea!

I write this from my terrace at the Sheraton Iguacu...the only hotel on the argentinian side in the National Park.
Did use points for this stay...and I now have a top floor, falls view room...can't imagine how much they charge
tonight...but at the same time, don't want to know...and just to enjoy!

So which side is the better side...brazilian or argentinian? Well, the answer is easy...the helicopter ride is
the first, than the brazilian, than the argentinian...but I did all three of them today, and they were all amazing...
please, let me go down from my little dream!

Tomorrow morning, it's more work time on the internet, and than...swimming pool and some more sun! Enjoy the pictures...
it was not that easy to make a choice.

Tomorrow night I'm for 36 hours in Buenos Aires...shopping and meeting friends, you are going to love this...but
wait two more days!

Have fun! I do!

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14th February 2008

I NEED TO GO THERE ! You will need to share with me your contacts, the one who organize all this !!! Pinguins before were great, Icebergs too, but those pictures are amazing .. Thanks to share all this, I LOVE IT !! Good luck to continue .. with your NEW camera. Stop destroying things .. hihihihi. But .. those pictures are from the National Geographic mag ... :-) You just have a great computer program to add you on some of the pictures !!! hihihihihihihihi Continue to make us dream Veronique

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