Photos from Antarctica, Antarctica - page 10

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The View Out the Front Window
The Sea Ice
Cool Ice Features 5
Cool Ice Features 4
Cool Ice Features 3
Good bye Mt. Erebus
The C-17
The Ice River
New Harbor Ice Wall
Midnight Sun
Blowing Snow on the Sea Ice
Aurora's Anchor
Launching a Balloon
The Barbeque
What a Sky!
Another Sunset Over Hut Point
The Sunset Over Hut Point
Just a Nice Sunrise
Vince's Cross
The Night Shift
The Southern Cross
Auroras Over Discovery
A Green Cloud in Front of the Moon
Auroras and the Light of McMurdo
The Fish Hut and Our 'Boat'
Wind Vane Hill
Left Over Stores
The Terra Nova Hut's North Wall
The Terra Nova Hut's South Wall
The Terra Nova Hut
Inaccessible Island
Lots of Crevasses
The Erebus Glacier Ice Tongue
Blue Auroras and Discovery Hut
The Hand
A good night
Full Moon Over Mt. Discovery
Oh What a Sunset!
Clouds flowing around Castle Rock
Slopes, Sun & Smoke
C17 with Mt. Discovery in background
Don't look at the Sun!
The Kapitan Khlebnikov
Buck and Icebreakers
The Apple Hut at Silver City
The Hagglunds
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