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Antarctica » Antarctica December 15th 2008

Cruise #2: Hi everyone! Well, this blog is going to be all about our 2nd cruise ship voyage: From Valparaiso, Chile all the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is one of our regular routes that we will be taking for the next couple of months, but since this was our first time in all of these ports, we took a lot of pictures! Also, this cruise was especially special since we celebrated both Christmas and New Year’s Eve! We hope you enjoy~ Valparaiso, Chile: Once we reached Valparaiso, we sadly had to leave some very sweet passengers that we had befriended over our first couple of weeks onboard. However, some passengers stayed on - as they booked the trip all the way from San Diego to Rio! One such passenger was Bruce. Nicole and ... read more
The view from the top!
Some fancy graffiti...
Mel & Nicole - Hanging out with Bruce

I know I haven't sent anything in a long while. It's been a whale of a semester. So much change, so much growth... why does growing seem to always hurt so much? Here is an essay for public essay One night a couple of weeks ago, I made an emergency beer run to Tops. I had never been to Tops before, and so after grabbing the beer and returning to the front to pay, I was shocked to find that none of the check out lines were open. There were no cashiers, there were no customers, there were no high schoolers placing the items in bags. There was not a soul in sight. After prowling up and down the main corridor, I realized that the grey machines by the entrance had replaced the traditional check out ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea November 22nd 2008

Snow? Here? No freakin' way. Here are some photos taken recently-ish. As depicted in one of the photos, WE'RE DOGSLEDDING NOW! And it rocks. Man, what a stressful sport.. so much chaos with those dogs, when we're harnessing them to take them out for a run. They produce more energy then I care to try to curb some days. And on a less-stressful note, my bicycle is still working! And Im riding it every day in the snow. And everyone thinks Im crazy. I dont, not really. Anyways, love you guys tonnes, Im off to a housewarming party! Tyler... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica November 18th 2008

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station November 7th 2008

November 5, we were bussed to the Christchurch airport and the Antarctic Departure Terminal. There we were made to suit up in all of our cold weather gear (including boots, parka, goggles, hats, gloves and everything) and greeted by Kiwi military and customs officers and dogs who thoroughly checked our kit. We were then shuttled onboard a C-17 military cargo aircraft operated by the New York National Guard. Seating consisted of fold down webbing seats along the inner sides of the aircraft and rows of traditional airline seating mounted in the cargo area. Behind the seats were large pallets of cargo netted and secured in place. I took one of the seats along the side because I’d been briefed by an insider that - though they looked less comfortable - the netting seats offered a ... read more
Bumpy Ride
Disembarking the C-17
Mt. Erebus

Antarctica » Antarctica July 23rd 2008

Im posting this, because I wasnt able to publish my last entry, and have a message sent out to everyone, by error of me. But now I know. Tonnes of pictures, come check em out! I should have the text for the post written later today. Love you guys. More than I love vegan chocolate cake. Tyler... read more

Russell and I went around a billion churches. After we went to the Repperbaum in hopes of getting some sex. We got no sex. Instead we got two bottles of wine and drank them like tramps outside a music vnue. Hamburg is expensive!!! Russell and saw many a prostitute and then he got so drunk i had to drag him home. In the middle of the night he was sick all over the floor, and I had to clean it up. Bless, arent I a lucky girl!!! Got to go, no money for internet!!!! ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica July 7th 2008

NZ Day 16 The beginning of the end and the beginning of a new adventure.. We started the day off with our best brekky yet. We didn’t have an oven so I couldn’t make scones. So I used the scone mix to make pancakes instead. They were delicious. Especially because I added bananas to mine. Mmmhmm. Then we sipped through a cupa tea before we could leave to start our day. We started our adventures at the Museum, where we turned out to be early enough to get into Fred and Myrtle Flutey’s Paua Shell house exhibit by just walking straight in. It was a very cute story. Fred and Myrtle were married for over 70 years. Fred liked to play organ music when visitors came over to see the house. (I recognized the songs they ... read more
Blue Penguin
Meat Pie
Packing disaster

Antarctica » Antarctica June 30th 2008

I would just like to mention that I had written a Greece part 3 and it seems to have disappeared. It was about going some where you've always wanted to go and having it live up to your expectations. If you like that kind of thing. Anyway I won't re-write it, but will add it to a lame wrap up I have planned that has been distracting me from writing a play (well editing/changing) and the real world in general.... So for now we're sticking with Greece entries 1, 2 and 4.... which probably is how George II counts anyway. Or, my new theory, that the Mapia stole entry number 3 as punishment for revealing George II's association with them. ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica June 13th 2008

At last we took off from Santiago airport on the flight to Ushuaia, the gateway to the Antarctic Peninsular. Below us are the surprisingly dry foothills of the Andes but they are getting higher: yes, there's some snow. And now I can see that there must be thousands of square kilometres of snow-covered peaks with wild rivers and lakes, some with glaciers calving into them. And there, there's an extinct volcanic crater filled with snow: like a cup of cream. Is that a house with a galvanised iron roof glinting in the sun? No, probably not: just a rectangular patch of snow. Half way to Punta Arenas and the cloud is getting thicker just allowing the occasional glimpse of rivers and lakes. We must be inland from Chiloe with its enormous rainfall from the collision ... read more

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