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January 30th 2015
Published: January 31st 2015
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Greetings from down south! I've been to the Antarctic twice since I last blogged and both trips were amazing and both trips visited very different places. The first voyage headed as far south as ice conditions would allow us! It was bright daylight! I was dressed in a lovely pink onesie and accompanied by Wonder Woman as we crossed the Antarctic Circle at 00:45. At 66°33’S, we were at the lat... Read Full Entry

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We got sprayed with whale snot
Small Gentoo ColonySmall Gentoo Colony
Small Gentoo Colony

At Brown Bluff

Antarctic Sound from ship
The Expedition TeamThe Expedition Team
The Expedition Team

Back row. Chris, Bob, Woody, Annie, Sharon, Tom, Eamonn, Christopher, Josephine, John, Sarah, Scotty, Emily, Wolfgang, Alex, Scott, Me. Front row. Laurie, Hadleigh, Fabrice, Juani, Vladimir, Shelli, Yukie, Simon.
Bow BreakersBow Breakers
Bow Breakers

A storm on the Drake Passage

31st January 2015

A lifetime well lived
MJ mother had some health problems that prevented her from walking hours on the beach in retirement. That was her dream. We decided to travel before health issues captured our bodies...just in case. We've had no regrets with the amazing things we've seen. We are thrilled with each installment of your blog, the adventures you are having and a life well lived. This trip sounds perfect. Enjoy the exquisite silence.
31st January 2015

A life well lived
Thanks for the lovely comment! Indeed, we all get a small shot at life and we should embrace every opportunity we get. It's always good to have dreams - there's so much out there!
1st February 2015

What a life!
So excellent that you get paid to explore those places few ever even get to visit! Sometimes, it's hard keeping up with you--Arctic, Antarctic--where is he? Love these little Chinstraps who seem to have little smiles. Thanks for letting the rest of us glimpse your magical worlds!

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