Voyage To The 'Seventh' Continent

Published: April 2nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Antarctica - Background So, Antarctica....the White Continent....the Seventh Continent, the Cold Continent (I made the last one up)....but more importantly, for me anyway, it would be my home for the next 11 days. But what can I tell you about the place to kick things off? Well: -Over 99% of Antarctica is covered with ice, which equates to approx 90% of world's fresh water -It holds recor... Read Full Entry

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Leopard SealLeopard Seal
Leopard Seal

Iceberg Alley
Lecture TimeLecture Time
Lecture Time

With Expedition Leader, Brad Rhees
Bird LandingBird Landing
Bird Landing

not sure what type
Stilll watersStilll waters
Stilll waters

At the front of the MV Ushuaia

Over Ice
Antarctic DipAntarctic Dip
Antarctic Dip

..and no i haven't been working out...
Leopard SealLeopard Seal
Leopard Seal

Iceberg Alley

A Minke (I think..)

2nd April 2009

it's always magic when you're with Trevor...
Great right up dude, take care, and don't go anywhere I wouldn't go wearing just a tiny pair of black shorts....
7th April 2009

a) Thank you for the study break reading :-) b) Probably my favouritest so far... especially the pics. Just awesome. c) I am surprised at b) cos I dont like cold things and thought I wouldnt be impressed - but I was wrong! Speak soon xx
21st April 2009

Nice blog mate
When did you get so funny? This blog is top class. Looks and sounds amazing and its also a good read. Keep it up and stop enjoying yourself so much.... Jealous!
21st April 2009

Bet you thought I wouldn't get round to writing a comment - shame on you! Antartica hey - at least one place on the planet looks colder than England. Can't believe you have been round the world, all looks amazing I'm so jealous!!
22nd April 2009

Love the pics they are amazing just been looking at them with dad. Never fancied doing a trip like that but reading this has certainly made me think differently.
22nd May 2009

Why is everyone saying how amazing it is? I mean it looks alright? Nothin to go on about or anythin, few pics of penguins? Sur I could find them in a magazine? How do we know thats not what you've done? And all the while you're in Spain or somewhere chilling with a nice cool cocktail maybe its the colour of the antartic and has got some ice in it? lol
29th June 2009

hello this blog is great! please advise how much it costed you to do this trip! to go to Antarctica is a BIG dream of mine for years...... thanks ! Roberta
30th June 2009

Costs and stuff
Roberta, glad u enjoyed reading it. For prices just do a google search for 'MV Ushuaia' I did and got the following, altho I didn't book thro them. Also a big factor is your country's exchange rate with USD when you book it as it makes a difference with these sort of figures. Hope this helps!
18th August 2009

Hi there, Your blog looks great! I was just wondering what company you ended up going with and approx how much? Hope all is well, Suzanne ( Canadian)
16th June 2010
Ice Formations

Really v.beautiful scene of the earth...........
15th September 2010
Hitting the Drake Passage

u r in heaven
'''i am manoj from bikaner INDIA i can die to have these adventures or to visit these places although i know that this is not so easy to survive in these conditions and my financial condition also does not allow me to do so
28th September 2010
Ice Formations

Holy cow, this looks really familiar!
I was searching for Antarctica photos on the web and found your trip, and this photo looked awfully familiar. Here are two photos I took: Mine are the exact same iceberg! Your photo is taken (I think?) March 13th, 2009 - mine are taken the day before. I was on a 12-person sailboat - we hung out at Pleneau Island for about 3 days observing penguins, leopard seals, and icebergs. It's a small world!
16th November 2010
Ice Formations

Very Natural
28th December 2010
Penguin Walkway

17th January 2011
Ice Formations

best picture
that picture is like
19th July 2012
Ice Formations

12th November 2012
Ice Formations

Its magnificent !!!!!!! If i ever have the opportunity to go there I would do it !!! Earth hides so many treasures
10th September 2013
My Finest Discovery - The 2 Headed Penguin

At first glance it looked like another penguin standing behind him and the photo was taken at the perfect angle to give the illusion of 2 heads. After some careful review and a strong magnifier I concluded there were, in fact, 2 heads on that bird. So, does that make him/her twice as hungry or twice as tired or twice as scared... hahahahahah Great picture though. Amazing actually. Love your blogs. Traveling has been out of the budget for years now so this is how I travel now. Thank you for the memories of my favorite continent. Antarctica!

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