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Ice Formations  

Ice Formations

Icebery Alley
Voyage To The 'Seventh' Continent

March 14th 2009
Antarctica - Background So, Antarctica....the White Continent....the Seventh Continent, the Cold Continent (I made the last one up)....but more importantly, for me anyway, it would be my home for the next 11 days. But what can I tell you about the place to kick things off? Well: -Over 99% of Antarctica is covered with ice, which equates to approx 90% of world's fresh water -It holds recor ... read more
Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands

 Flag Speculation over the existence of a "southern land" was not confirmed until the early 1820s when British and American commercial operators and British and Russian national expeditions began exploring the Antarctic Peninsula region and other areas sou... ... read more
19th July 2012

12th November 2012

Its magnificent !!!!!!! If i ever have the opportunity to go there I would do it !!! Earth hides so many treasures

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