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Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 19th 2019

Tuesday & Wednesday 19/20 February: DAY 18&19 / KING GEORGE ISLAND (ANTARCTICA) – RETURN TO SOUTH AMERICA – OVERNIGHT x 3 in PUNTA ARENAS This morning we said our goodbye to our expedition team and transfer ashore by Zodiac……eventually! We were woken by Kaylan at 6.00am although she tricked us by saying it was 4.45am!! It wasn’t! After breakfast, we were told that loading would start at 9.00am which was when our luggage would be loaded on large nets and craned over the side into zodiacs and taken to the beach on King Edward Island. Several of the zodiacs were off loaded and luggage in place. Then, all of a sudden, the seas changed. Waves started to come over he zodiacs … with our suitcases in it. There were several zodiacs that made it to the ... read more
King George Runway and surrounds (14)
Captains Dinner on our last night (1)
Captains Dinner on our last night (2)

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 18th 2019

9. Whalers Bay - Pt Foster Deception island, the caldera of an active volcano, South Shetland Islands We were heading towards the narrow entrance to the Whalers Bay, Pt Foster Deception island, the cauldron of an active volcano. The day was 1 C degree with a breeze and we were doing a landing on the black sandy beach. Digging down into the black sand was lovely and warm due to the thermal activity which continues. The steam was coming off the water which was beautiful. The Captain steered the ship through the narrow entrance ensuing that he dodged the massive boulder in the middle of Neptune’s Bellows, the entrance. The surrounding mountains were streaked with snow, reminding us of a favourite spot of mine in Norway. In fact, as I was giving out our business ... read more
Icy swim at Pt Foster Deception island volcano (5)
Half Moon Island Sth Shetland Islands (17)
Half Moon Island Sth Shetland Islands (85)

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands November 14th 2016

It would be two days sailing through bad weather to Antarctica or so we were lead to believe, the weather however was so good that we were able to land at an Argentine research station in the rarely visited South Orkney Islands. The base is located in a bay where a Scottish expedition ship was once frozen in the ice and the crew were forced to survive on penguins and seals for eight months. The base has been operating since 1904 and seems to be an Argentine land grab rather than anything else as little scientific research appears to be going in. There are 16 males at the basement during the winter months and they have a small museum, a church and several bars. These islands are remote, cold and harsh but I did see the ... read more
Cape petrels
Old shack built by castaways
Snow mobile

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 20th 2016

Half Moon Island is a 2km long crescent shaped island between Greenwich and Livingston Islands. There were thousands of Chinstrap Penguins to greet us in foggy weather. The island is very rocky and muddy. We also saw a giant petrel and some fur seals. The penguins had no fear of us and because there were so many of them we didn't have to keep our distance as they walked amongst us. Back to the ship for lunch and then we set sail for Deception Island, our last off boat stop for the trip. Deception Island is located in the South Shetland Islands. This island is the caldera of an active volcano, which seriously damaged local scientific stations in 1967 and 1969 and is reached through the Neptune's Bellows. There is a former whaling station (Hektor station) ... read more
Neptunes Bellows
Inside the destroyed British base
Fur seal at whaling station

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 22nd 2016

Continued from Part 2... Day 11: Today is another full day at sea. South Georgia is quite a ways from mainland Antarctica, but the plan is to stop at the South Orkney Islands tomorrow. We sleep in till 10:30 and it feels amazing. After three straight days of waking up by 6:00 AM this is a much needed sleep-in day. It’s quite cloudy today and visibility isn’t so great so we use the day to go through pictures and read and whatnot. As I am reading Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamparini, I finally have some time to think about the Japanese treatment of POWs in WW2. It was disgusting, violating every international law for prisoners of war. I tell Nimarta that what the Nazis did was so horrible that people seem to forget about the ... read more

The Adventures of Teddy. ‘Teddy, Monkey, Bunny and Noodles are four friends who live in a lovely place called Green World. But lately, Evil Cloud has been covering the land, making it difficult to live and play. Teddy, who once journeyed to the South Pole, recalls a magical land called Antarctica. “It is a land of peace” Teddy tells his friends, “it’s cold and beautiful.” “Oh my goodness gracious me” gasped Monkey. “Gosh golly” piped Bunny. “Holy macaroni” yelled Noodles. So they decided to embark on a journey together to the land of ice in the south. “But Antarctica is a far and distant land, so how will we get there?” Monkey asked, as he chomped and slopped at his over-ripe banana. “Fret not.” Teddy squeaked, in a cackling rasp. “We will obtain a ship – ... read more
Black-browed Albatross
The Tabular Berg
Volcanic Valley

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 23rd 2015

Hi to all of our loyal blog followers. It's always great to learn new words and phrases in different languages and with an all Chinese charter, learning was inevitable! My counting in Mandarin has greatly improved for example. Prior to the trip I could quite confidently count to nothing in Mandarin, now I can count to six... I can even say 'once, twice, sold'.. Eetze, artze, maila! Please and thanks, good morning and seal. Rocks and kettle, cold and look... 春節 I can not read any of it though. The writing is very complicated and has thousands of characters. It's interesting that the Chinese writing system is so complex yet the Chinese eating system, with chopsticks, is simple... Curious... Anyway... The Year of the Cardboard Dragon I've just spent another three weeks in the Antarctic on ... read more
Whaler's Bay
Fur Seal in the Steam
Humpback Fluke

The experience of Antarctica is not an easy thing to describe. So let me say at the outset I don´t think this is going to do it justice. The experience is so overwhelming that I feel I will need at least until the end of this trip to make sense and find an appropriate context for it all. It goes without saying that Antarctica is a place like no other - where else can you go where the landscape is so pristine with little or no evidence of man's footprint, where everything from weather to glaciers to mountains is on an epic scale. Antarctica defies comparison. Time will tell if this is the most memorable place I have visited. What is beyond question is that it was very, very special, an experience bordering on the spiritual. ... read more
King Penguins at Fortuna Bay, South Georgia
Stromness Whaling Station South Georgia
Grytviken Whaling Station South Georgia

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 1st 2014

The South Shetland Islands are a remote archipelago off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. They are glaciated, rugged, windy and exposed. Massive penguin colonies hang out there of course! We got on land at Point Wild on Elephant Island, one of the more easterly in the island group. This is the site where Frank Wild of Ernest Shackleton's 'Endurance' expedition of 1914 - 16 stayed behind and watched over 21 of the expedition members while Shackleton sailed off with five others to get help. It is a cramped area of bare rock, horrific weather and brutally cold and rough seas! These men were stranded here for over 3 months with an upturned boat for a house, makeshift stone walls and canvas from sails for blankets. To make their ordeal worse it was on a ... read more
Point Wild, Elephant Island
Cape Petrels
Chinstrap Penguins

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands September 26th 2013

We paid for our flights today. So exciting! about 5 weeks to go. Our flights are from Auckland via Santiago arriving in Buenos Aires. We have booked a Hotel in BA - the Pestana. Has good reviews on the internet, but as usual we will see.... read more

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