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Published: January 3rd 2009
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And Tyler Takes a Day Off.

From working 7 days a week, for the last 1.5 months, man, does it feel AWESOME to take a day to yourself, for yourself.

I baked cookies!

I cleaned!

I fixed our washing machine, hooked up our dryer, hooked up a TV and DVD player, and cooked a kickass dinner.

AND, I am succesfully overcoming all the challenges I had last winter, working at Chocpaw. I am incredibly proud of myself. I have the respect of all whom I work with, Im a kick-ass guide, and Im starting to make money. Its been incredibly challenging to face the anxieties that I created for myself last winter here, and to overcome them and become a stronger person. Im learning to listen to myself above all else, to not doubt myself when others do, and to stand up for what I believe in, and its coming along very nicely. I feel healthy, I am strong, I am proving to everyone else that I work with that I am a very capable intelligent person. The quiet, depressed, confused person that existed here last winter is slowly fading away. And, despite all the doomsaying about not eating meat and not having enough energy this winter, I am doing it, and working harder many people here aswell.

And my future looks happy. I forsee that I will be out of debt after my stint with chocpaw, and I cant wait to continue my direction in life down the path to making our planet a better place for everyone on it. Whether that means heading to South America, or staying in Canada, Im not quite sure, I seem to be jumping back and forth between the two options. But man, Im excited for whatever lays in store. Because undoubtably, it will be freaking awesome, and my bike will be there with me.

Here are some photos of me in BC over Christmas (as I definately was not working here full-time).

Lots of love,

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Tyler Gets Too RowdyTyler Gets Too Rowdy
Tyler Gets Too Rowdy

And gets kicked out.
Tyler and Harry Bust AssTyler and Harry Bust Ass
Tyler and Harry Bust Ass

And sign a multi-million-dollar record deal with Virgin Records.
Tyler and HarryTyler and Harry
Tyler and Harry

Freestyle rapping about how much bling dey bee blingdin'

15th January 2009

WHHAAAAAAHHH, that's awesome, SOOOO mmuch fun! LOVE those hairy ogre feet Tyler, are you seriously you're trying to get the babes with those feet hanging out? try putting some socks on!

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