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April 24th 2018
Published: April 24th 2018
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Today was another work day. After breakfast we separated into our work groups again. The playground is pretty much completed. The electrical has proven to be a slow project. We actually went back to the house we started yesterday day. Nate found ceiling paint and we got her ceiling finished. And her house is 2 tone so we finished the top colour. Changing it from blue to purple. After lunch we went to play games again with the kids. I was invited up to Melissa’s house to bake cupcakes with Michelle and 9 boys with an Auntie. We had so much fun!

Tonight we were asked to attend a church fundraiser. We had no idea what it was about. Turn out it was at Pastor Mussa’s house. We had a Swazi cultural evening. We learned how to enter the gate, why the men enter the house first - to keep the women safe if there is something unsafe in the house. Then we had a traditional dance performed for us and the men were invited to learn it. The women were all for it! But then we had to learn the response 😊 Little did we know there was also another surprise for the women. We had to learn how the women served the men and sits lower than the man. The men soaked it for all it was worth! But I’m sure we can make it up to them tomorrow. Pastor Mussa then answered all sorts of questions and shared his testimony. God has truly been blessing us.

One more incredible evening in our time here.


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