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April 23rd 2018
Published: April 23rd 2018
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We begin our final week away with a work day. We split off to our different projects after breakfast. The playground is coming along well. Teaching some of the guys here to use the welder and plasma cutter. The electricians are making some progress and learning how to use all the wire. The other ladies and I headed to Dvudvusi to paint one of the families homes. The auntie was so happy to have us coming. We painted the entire house in and out. After lunch we had games with the kids again while Rod went and welded a guys hitch.

Tonight we were blessed to watch the Bulembu Children’s Choir. Wow!! I didn’t get to see them in Sherwood Park a few years ago but so incredible!

Tonight be surprised the staff at the lodge. We were having pizza for supper and asked them to make extra as we were having guests. We then turned to tables in them and had them sit while we served them. Thank goodness we had Christine to make the cappuccino’s! It then turned into a Swazi dance party. What a fantastic night! Great to see these guys who work so hard for us smile, have fun and let loose.

Laughing, dancing and joyful in Bulembu!


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