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Africa » Zambia » Lusaka August 31st 2017

This year’s grand tour takes me to Zambia and Georgia. Not the most obvious pairing of countries to visit on one trip, but having missed Ireland’s previous match against Georgia in 2014, I wasn’t going pass on Tbilisi this time. But before that though, there is a return to Zambia after three years to see the children of WONS Orphanage again. And so Thursday night I set off from Gatwick Airport in the company of Tommy Feely – legendary Ireland cheerleader, storyteller and, truth be told, the main benefactor on the orphanage – and arrived in Lusaka (via Dubai) at 14:35 the next day. Our hotel collected us and took us straight to The Best Western Lusaka Grand on the outskirts of town. Imposingly grand looking from the outside (complete with palm treed swimming pool in ... read more
The bus to Kalimba
Crocodiles at Kalimba
Learning about the reptiles at Kalimba

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka » Kabulonga August 30th 2017

We arrived at Victoria falls late afternoon and our camp was less than 1km to the actual falls. It was to be the last few nights we would spend with our current group and there was lots to see and do. We pitched our tents- this time there wasn't a speck of dust to be seen and there was even grass (a rare luxury). After a much needed shower we headed out for dinner. It was a buffet and we were able to try crocodile, warthog, buffalo, grubs and tripe! We decided to leave the tripe but got stuck into everything else. Our favourite was by far the warthog (sorry pumba!) we were also treated to local music and dance. Back at the camp it was early to bed as we had planned to go to ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka April 30th 2017

日本語下記にあります。Trip to Lusaka in Zambia. African is really interesting place for me. I had a Zambian assistant in Sapporo about a year ago.Then she go back home. We keep in touch. Then finally I visit her place. If I did not know anyone , I did not get to courage to go in there by myself with electric wheelchair. It had very deference Africa imagines to before. Shopping center is almost same to I know other world. People is looking fashionable. Walk around by myself is safer than I thought. People are kind. Market is very interesting and culturally. Life style is also.... I was very lucky . She show off and explains local life styles ,foods, houses , and more. I enjoy to stay in Zambia. Zambian assistant introduce other Zambian for my Personal assistant. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka March 7th 2017

Hej Alle, Status lige nu er, at jeg stadig sidder i Zambia selvom jeg burde være i Togo fra i søndags. Da jeg ankom til lufthavnen blev jeg afvist at komme afsted, fordi de for 2 uger inden havde lavet en ny visum regel for at komme ind i Ghana, hvor jeg flyver til. Selvfølgelig havde jeg ikke fået nogen information omkring det.. Derefter gik det kun ned af bakke. Om mandagen var det selvfølgelig helligdag i Ghana, så vi kunne ikke tage til ambassaden. Samtidig fandt vi ud af mit visum i Zambia udløb den 8. og jeg rejser ud af Zambia den 9. så det skulle også forlænges. Derefter mødte vi kun ekstremt ubehagelige mennesker, som brugte deres autoritet og magt på den mest uforskammede måde. Jeg har virkelig fundet ud af, at alle ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka February 22nd 2017

Hej Alle Vi har i denne uge arbejdet meget med Human Rights, hvor vi i dag var ude at snakke med et Human Rights Center. Det var rigtig spænende at snakke med nogen, som faktisk godt forstod at have almene menneskelige rettigheder som vi ser det. Dog er det bestemt ikke noget alment i Zambia. Her er der mange traditioner, som f.eks. bestemmer hvordan forholdet i et ægteskab skal være. Det er helt uhyggeligt, helt ned til hvad en kvinde må spise på en kylling til hvordan pengene er fordelt. F.eks. må en mand godt være en kvinde utro, men kvinden må ikke være manden utro, så skal de skilles. Man begynder hurtigt at sætte meget stor pris på de rettigheder der hjemme og jeg føler mig meget privilegeret, at være født i et land som ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka February 22nd 2017

Hej Her får i lidt billeder Knus... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka February 22nd 2017

Her er lidt billeder fra Lusaka hvor vi bor.... read more
Gadesælgere der er overalt

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka February 14th 2017

Hej Alle, Nu er der gået en uge og det føles næsten som en måned. Der er sket virkelig meget! Vi har haft rigtig mange spænende diskussioner omkring kulture, kristendomen (da zambianerne er meget troende) og meget mere. Vi har været ude at se en skole, hvor der var de sødeste og gladeste børn, som var helt vilde med at se os. På den skole skal vi undervise i morgen. Vi har været på markeder, båd cruise hvor vi har fejret fødselsdag i Kafue floden, et helt utroligt smukt sted! Det skal også lige siges at det er regntid, så de første par dage regnede det helt vildt, men nu har vi haft flere dage med høj sol og det er meget varmt! Derudover har vi været i kirken på universitetet, som vi bor lige ved ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka July 21st 2016

Well that was a mammoth of a journey! Since my last entry, I have travelled roughly 2500km from Dar es Salaam on the east coast of Tanzania, to the Zambian town of Livingstone on the Zambian/Zimbabwe border. After being in a place where a trip "down the road" is a 3 hour journey, the UK is going to feel like a very small island indeed. If it's still recognisable by the time I get back. Seriously, I leave home for 2 months and we're leaving the EU; we have a new PM whom every aspect of the media is insisting on comparing to Maggie T; and now the Welsh are officially better at football then us. I suppose it was expected for the country to descend into chaos in my absence. Anyway, back to the matter ... read more
TAZARA's Interpretation of a Full English Breakfast
Life on TAZARA
Passing Landscape

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka December 9th 2015

Day 4 was a silly day as we just drove the 6 hours to Lusaka. This diver is fairly slow and it took us longer than usual, but we still had to get up at 5am and leave by 6. I tried to ask if we could sleep in as I had done this drive before and knew it was close and easy. Got quite a lot of backlash from out tour leader and realized im on a Nazi tour of Africa…We also went shopping, again, despite having gone twice the day before. So a Nazi shopping tour it is. I was the only one who went into town form the camp area to purchase a bottle opener that I got before and lost. It is like the one I picked up in Burma. That one ... read more
coming closer!
just eating some grass
a family

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