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June 3rd 2012
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We made it. We are in Africa! Our trip out of Dubai went smoothly. It was hot and humid in Dubai this morning, just like last night, but we went through security and got on the plane with no glitches. It was almost 7 hours to Lusaka and the most unbelievable thing is that all 20 of our bags were waiting for us. Frontier had told us in Denver that they could only get the bags to Dubai and we would have to re-check them there. When we were at LAX and checking in with Emirates, they told us they had booked the bags on through to Lusaka. And sure enough, there they were - all 20 of them. Its nice when the system works! The move through customs was quick and painless, much easier than we had expected, and just as easy as we had been praying for.

Friar Charles and Brother Joseph were there to meet us. We made our way through Lusaka to St. Bonaventure College. We are staying at the Assisi House. We had been warned to bring flashlights (torches) because sometimes the electricity goes out. Well, half of the compound, the half the Assisi House is in, is without electricity today. So it's candles and flashlights tonight.

We weren't in AFrica for 3 hours before all of the young people in our care disappeared. It only took us a little while to discover where they were. Fr. Charles took them in to town while he bought a couple of things for the phones and he eventually brought them back. But not before Fr. Patrick and Fr. Matthew showed up with dinner, ready to eat. So four of us had dinner with Fr. Patrick and watched for the others to arrive. (Editorial Note: Denis did no problem solving 😊).

We presented the Stoles that are a gift from OLP and also will commemorate our group's visit. Fr. Patrick thought they were great. He put his on (we'll get a picture up later) and said, "This is the first big event for your travel blog." So, here it is, in the blog!

By 7 pm it was already dark. It is after 8 now. This gives us the excuse we need to go to bed early and get some much needed rest. Tomorrow we will sort the twenty bags of treasures that you all helped us bring to the country.

Our feet are safely on the ground in Lusaka.


3rd June 2012

WOW 4 continents in 3 days - not bad!!
Glad you all are there & safe! So many people came up to us after mass last night wanting us to know that you all are in their prayers - I hope you can feel them all. We look forward to your posts - keep em coming! Love Sally & Jack
3rd June 2012

I can picture you at St. Bon :)
Glad your "flight diversion" was OK. I am constantly checking my international clock ("what time is it in Dubai and Lusaka") and thinking of what you all are doing. Have some nshima for me! More prayers at Mass this morning for you all! Get some rest and thanks for all the updates.
3rd June 2012

Thanks for sharing
Thank you for keeping us in the loop. It sounds like a fascinating adventure you are on. I can't wait to see more pictures. Have a safe journey and keep posting-even if it is in the dark.
3rd June 2012

So glad to hear you're there safely and back together ;) I'll keep your health & energy levels in my prayers this week! Love to all!
3rd June 2012

So glad all went well. I am sure you will love Assisi house. I helped with the design of the remodeling which got all the rooms with private bathrooms:) Mikala, whom you will also meet was the other person who helped to design it. We just happened to be around when they were trying to figure it out. Bonaventure approved:)! So glad to hear that Denis did not problem solve and now with phones you can just call Fr Charles and ask him where they are:)!!

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