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July 12th 2009
Published: July 12th 2009
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Had a really good day, woke up this morning and went fishing at a crocodile farm... (yes Megan fishing) and I was soo successful that I managed to catch a frog!! haha and then we went around this reptile park and saw some MASSIVE crocs, alligators and snakes, pretty amazing and interesting. So then came back and have just come back from the locals football match, bless they are all so enthusiastic and to be honest some of them are really good football players. Its really nice to see them all enjoy the game. I have brought over some football boots but we didn't think that it would be fair just to give a few people boots so we are waiting on a few more for them.

Pioneer camp is really lovely and tranquil, I don't know why but time seems to pass by really quickly here, I have managed to do something everyday that I have been here and I really have met some awesome people... you can get stuck into a conversation with somebody without realising it. Iam looking forward to heading to Livingstone for a few days and Lake Kariba... there seems to be lots going on which is good and theres lots of places to go, there also tends to be a lot to do to fill the time.

I just can't believe that I am actually cold in Africa... but dont you all worry I still plan on getting a tan and its no way raining!


13th July 2009

great hear glad good time. what happened to the work! tons love
15th July 2009

Into Africa
Hi Megz, Still clocking up the continents. You've got the Americas, australia and antarctica to go yet. Hope you are a little warmer than before and now acclimatised. Lok forward to pictures of your residence and places yo visit. dad

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