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February 19th 2007
Published: March 6th 2007
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Hotel CaliforniaHotel CaliforniaHotel California

From Left to Right:Claudio, Luc (Belgium), Martin (Sweeden), Fernando, Bek (Australia), Victoria (Scotland), Rickard (Sweeden)
If you have lissen the song "Hotel California", from Eagles, you can understand how we felt in Lusaka:

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
'Relax,' said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
but you can never leave!

After 28 days stuck in Zambia, trying to sell our car, yesterday another person become the happy owner of the famous Crasymobile!!

Besides the agony of not being able to keep traveling without selling the car, the new friends make the time worth a while. After all, we where not the only ones stuck! We where 8 just in Chachacha. Follow the stories of each one:

Vitoria; Scotland. She is working in a project about human-elephant conflicts. (we are always trying to protect the animals, but if a little mouse can make a big damage in your kitchen, try to imagine one elephant in your crops) She got stuck at the Cha Cha Cha Backpackers for more them one week, waiting for her project partner to have time to drive her and all other necessary stuff to the small village where she has to work. She even tried to leave one day, but she had to return a few ours latter.

Bek; Australia. Yes, is the same one as always… hehehe… she is still with us. The
Nshima LuchNshima LuchNshima Luch

A little (every day because was the cheapest) of Zambia's traditional food. Nshima with T-Bone steak.
reason she is stuck is the same as ours, she owns one third of the car. She will fly back to UK after Lusaka, but we are planning to meet again in Brazil.

Claudio, Fernando; Brasil. Yes, these are us. Stuck in Cha Cha Cha for 28 days trying to sell the crasymobile. Why so long? Fore many reasons, but mainly because everyday someone came to us telling he wanted the car and would come with the money the next day. So we just hat to wait for one more day (everyday!!)

Luc; Belgium. He left home by motorbike to go to Ethiopia. Once there he felt to be too close, so he decided to keep going to S. Africa. In Zambia, he had a problem with the battery regulator of his motorbike and needed one spare part sent all the way from Belgium. The parcel which should arrive in three working days (DHL Promise) took 14. At least manage to get a 100%!r(MISSING)efund of the shipping costs.

Martin and Rickard (pronounced Richard); Sweden. These two brothers came from Sweden by car. As they arrived in Cha Cha Cha, their car had a small problem on
Long way to freedomLong way to freedomLong way to freedom

Luc departing after two weeks waiting for his motorbike's part. From left to right: Luc, his bike, Bek, Kris (The last stuck, the last to arrive but also the last to leave), Claudio and Fernando.
the fuel pump. One electrician, trying to find the problem, messed with the alarm system and blocked the whole engine!! To unlock the alarm system a computer was needed. And to find one of these computers in Africa, hahaha, good joke!! They almost had to ship the car to Johannesburg (SA). After two weeks trying every mechanic, they found in one that could fix the alarm system and the fuel pump for them.

Kris; USA. He is doing his master, about protein nutrition related to HIV/AIDS. He had lived in Zambia 6 six before. He is the best person to talk about Zambian culture and the use of towels. In Nairobi (Kenya), he had his bag stolen and was already (By the time we left) two weeks waiting the bank to issue and send a new credit card.

Ok, is bad not to be able to leave or start your work (if you are there to do it), but at least be stuck together with a group of 17 Norwegian girls sunbathing by the pool can be really pleasant!!

Thanks to the girls, to the other stucks and the ChaChaCha staff, for filling these days with unforgettable
Norwegian girlsNorwegian girlsNorwegian girls

A sample of the 17 Norwegians staying in Chachacha. Many nights of fun board and card games. From left to right: Nina, Julie, Fernando, Maria, Melinda.
times. Nice chatting, card games, beers, caipirinhas, nshima at the market and the moral support, always when we came back with the car still unsold.


3rd April 2010

hi i love the norway people
i like to visit Norway
2nd April 2011
Norwegian girls

Nice pics...........

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