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January 31st 2011
Published: December 4th 2011
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Bungee Bridge!Bungee Bridge!Bungee Bridge!

This is the bridge I bungee jumped off!

Bungee Jumping was amazing! They, the experts, put padding on your ankles so that when the ankle harness is attached it won’t rub and will be used as protection. Mountaineering webbing is fastened to your ankles binding both your legs together for the jump. The knot they use is apparently a self-loading knot and is impossible to come undo during the jump. Luckily 500,000 jumps have been successful and the company I was with had a 100%!s(MISSING)afety record. Then they took me out on the platform, reminding me over again that I was safe and that the knot was not going to come undone. When you are on the platform it’s horrid. You look down at the 111 metre drop and ask yourself why you are doing this! While I was jumping I really enjoyed it. At first there was a horrible feeling in your stomach that you’re going to die but then it comes relaxing. I saw the Zambezi River in Birdseye view which was incredible. All the water was rushing downstream towards the Waterfall. I really want to do it again now! They videoed me on the jump but it was really expensive to buy and I thought the mere memory was enough! Hopefully I’ll find out more about the river when I go canoeing on it this afternoon!


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