When you Educate a Women, you Educate a Nation

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February 25th 2022
Published: February 28th 2022
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Friday morning was our monthly meeting with all of the community leaders, mentor parents, and peer mentors. The updates started with Madam Abby who is a very impressive mentor parent. She gave a 4 page report on her group including details about each member and many of the goals that the women have in her group. This includes the saving group they have started so they can have capital for their business goals. After Abby we heard from another group that is still struggling with how they can engage with RWO. Most of her questions were related to what RWO would give her members once their lessons were completed. Before RWO could answer, Madam Abby answered for us: RWO is giving you the biggest gift you can ask for: an education. When you educate a women, you educate a nation.

After the meeting we were discussing the difference we have seen in our women. We agreed the biggest change, at least while I have been there, has been in Violet (the mother of Maria) and maid at the office. Shortly after I arrived she joined us as a maid, but only a few hours at a time so that her husband wouldn’t find out. She would barely speak to me so I assumed her English was not good. She also said very little to the other office members. But, Madam Abby convinced her to join her group and she also started to show up for other lessons such as the tailoring class. By the time I left she was one of the most outspoken members even though she is still quite young. She is no longer letting her husband hold her back. She is forging her own path for her and her two children. I look forward to hearing updates on her.

In the evening the RWO women threw me an amazing going away party at Irene’s bar. One of the past peer mentors started a dance group a few years ladies comprised of at risk ladies and men. The youngest girl in the group was not attending school, but now has a scholarship for school because of her dancing ability. They put on an incredible show with dances and songs from several regions of the country. After the show (second) Irene prepared an amazing dinner for the group. We rounded it out with dancing with DJ Irene, who even put on a dress for me.

The girls also gave me a great going away present. I always jokingly suggested we wear matching outfits when we would go somewhere but surprise surprise they didn’t have anything to match me. So they made us matching custom t-shirts for the Kigo girls.

Several people that have followed my blog have asked if there are ways they can help with RWO’s mission. I have had multipe conversations with Hope and Irene about this and we are still formulations a plan. But, we discussed us having an account at RWO. RWO would then come with a request for funds that are needed: a great example is when Percy needed ~$100 USD to take her national exams. Another might be a matching program for a group or individual who has put true dedication into saving money for her business goals. And has also laid out a sold business plan. If something like this would be of interest to you please let me know and I can keep you abreast of our developments.

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