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February 23rd 2022
Published: February 24th 2022
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Today was a very fun day at RWO! Josephine (of Jose House of Creations) who is a fashion designer in Kampala came to speak with our ladies. We had a combination of ladies form our young mother’s group as well as our women’s group. She was a very inspiring speaker. She started her career in the media. She said that while it seemed like a glamourous job she was paid very little and felt trapped in what she did. So after 8 years she quit her job with $500,000 Shillings ($150 USD) saved and started her fashion design company. She makes anything from dresses, to shoes, to stools, to lampshades. She said she had no back-up plan and no additional savings so she had to make it work. A one way ticket as she called it. She shared many of the struggles she experienced in her business with the women. One being taking income from her business and using it on personal items. We discussed this exact issue in their finance classes and I saw several of the women perk up that they already knew about this. She also spoke about not keeping proper books for her business, another topic we discussed in class. She also spent a lot of time reminding the women there are no ‘men’s jobs’ and they should pursue their passion. While we didn’t request it, Josephine ended with talking about family planning. The ladies are going to have a much harder time achieving their goals if they continue to have unplanned pregnancies. Always great when the ladies hear it from other sources!

The women had an opportunity to ask questions and it was great to see some of the more quiet ladies speak up. We also heard from Violet, the maid for the office, and she shared through these empowerment classes she has decided to no longer let her husband hold her back. She wants to pursue her goals and he can join her or she will leave him in her dust. You go girl!

The ladies from my young mother’s group surprised me with a very sweet gift as a thank you for our time together. Knowing how hard they are working to save money for their future businesses I was really touched that they all put money toward a gift for me. I am anxious to hear updates about their savings!

After the presentation we took Josephine to Entebbe as she hopes to have a shop here at some point. She had never been down to the beach so where did we take her …. to my favorite fish spot: Little Jamaica! I am the only one that likes the gills: nice and salty, but the other ladies all like the eyeballs haha. Sky Man, who has been their chef since they opened let me come in his kitchen and watch him prepare the fish. After I had a few questions so he came back out to our table and showed us how he makes the spiced paste that goes on the fish. I am bringing home the supplies to try it myself, now to find a full Tulipa fish!

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