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Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls February 11th 2009

Finally I have the pictures. I will be posting them in a few hours. They are very great pictures... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls February 9th 2009

Yes we made it. I am writing this from the safety of my office after the weekend's most thrilling adventure. Yes We went rafting on the Nile and we all made it scot free and we loved it. We started the day very early. The five us four of whom were to hit the waters. We arrived 45 minutes to time and the guys of Adrift were waiting for us. the four of us chatted to the guide Clarkey and signed the papers signing off our rights to the river. Its a legal form which they insist on signing so the company Adrift is not held liable for anything that happens on the river. Some kind of indemnity form. I put pen to paper and the other guys followed suit. We were ready to go but ... read more
the gear
Team Tutu

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls February 6th 2009

SET FOR A ROLLCOASTER RAFTING EXPERIENCE. This is my first post on tb. this weekend with a group of 10 guys i will be headed to Jinja to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. WHITE WATER RAFTING. I have booked with Adrift the agency and we are confirmed. I will be posting pictures from the trip on Sunday evening. and I hope to have the best time on the warm waters of the River Nile. I am more that ready. Some people have told me I could actually die from the water but the agency guys assured me no one has ever died on their watch and then my brother who is going with me says we have done more deadly things in our life like drink driving or driving while ... read more
First Rapid
More Fury from the Nile
More of the falls

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Bujagali Falls July 10th 2008

White water rafting on the Nile River was a must do as soon as we heard it was possible. Coming out of Lake Victoria, one of the three sources of the longest river of the world, the Victoria Nile has four grade five rapids and several grade three and four (not to mention the grade sixes we completely avoided) within a day’s rafting distance. (For those not familiar with grading for rafting, grade six is un-navigable; grade one is moving water.) I’ve done rafting in the Rockies involving grade fours and thought it was pretty intense; but now I know that was naïve. It was nothing compared to this. I sat shotgun to start the trip and the first real rapid was one of the more mild grade fives. As you approach you can only see ... read more

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