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February 11th 2009
Published: February 11th 2009
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Finally I have the pictures. I will be posting them in a few hours. They are very great pictures


11th February 2009

where are they
Where are pictures
12th February 2009

Washing Machine
Ok! Admitted! Rafting, am sure is one of those things that if she still lived with me and had the opportunity to admonish me on a daily basis, my mum would ask me never to do, but as you grow older you want to be discover the world. That is what it seemed like to me, discovering the unknown on R. Nile, can you imagine swimming for 1km stretch on the Nile, what about going over rapids moving at 45kmph and your sole hope of surviving is a life jacket. Anyway welcome to the world of Xtreme adventure. At least i have ticked conquering the Nile on my to do list of Xtreme adventure, dont forget i ticked bunjee jumping a long time ago and now am saying, Mt. Rwenzori and Margarita am coming!!!! Yahoooooo. Finally Go live your life to the fullest and when you are old enough have thrilling stories to tell your grand kids!!!Hoooohoooohooo!!!

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