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Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono May 14th 2010

Having been told my great grandfather set up a uni out in Uganda and got an OBE for his work out here i thought i should, and indeed wanted, to go and check it out. Unsure however whether i'd turn up at the place and been cordoned off as some loony ranting about a distant relative i hopped on a bus and headed to Mukono. I wandered round the Uni and eventually found Bishop Tucker College - the place my great grandfather played a part in setting up - with a plaque outside saying that it was built in the memory of Bishop Tucker by his friends (of which Edward Seabrooke Daniell was one - but it didn't say that!). (Bishop Tucker being the bishop of the area in the early 20century). In 1913 ESD became ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono January 26th 2010

Earlier this week, Rose and Patricia, two young girls that are living at VOLSET's dorm, asked me to come with them to fetch water before dinner. I'd seen the sign in the bathing room that said "please use water sparingly as we need to carry it uphill." By uphill, I'd assumed that they meant the small slope of our backyard. We set out, each with two jerry cans in hand. After about 5 minutes of walking I asked the girl where the well was. They laughed, "it's in the forest!" I couldn't remember seeing a forest nearby, but I kept silent and we continued to walk. Eventually we came to a forest path that sloped steeply downward. "Why are you so slow?" the girls yelled back at me. When I told them I was terrified that ... read more
Ariana and the kids filling up the water jugs
Carrying the water back

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono January 23rd 2010

I was transferred to Ntenjeru (pronounced "en-tan-jare-rue") on Wednesday. It's about 3 hours from the airport and 2 hours from Kampala. As you drive from Mukono Town to the village, the scenery changes dramatically from the city to a quiet, green place with bright red roads. The houses are few and far between. Most of the homes are small, around the size of a one car garage. In many cases families of 5-10 people will all sleep inside. There are all kinds of crazy dinosaur-like birds flying around. You can actually hear their wings flapping as they pass overhead because they're so big. The village is very safe and we don't need guards at night (unlike my previous placement in Tanzania). The pace of work here is difficult to get used to after months of craziness ... read more
Ntenjeru Countryside
Ntenjeru Main Road
The Latrine

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono October 1st 2007

Hey, das is ach erstmal ein Test... Morgen geht's los... ich freu mich schon! Bis denn Chris... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono May 13th 2007

Hi, I woke up in Africa today and it took me a few minutes before I remembered that I am twenty years old. Thats like grandpa status....I guess its a good thing. Well...happy birthday to me. This is my last week in Uganda. I don't even know what that means. I am so excited for everything ahead of me. Thats why it doesn't feel sad. Looking back to my original entries, I knew that Uganda was going to become a huge part of who I am. It certainly has. Its been an incredible couple of months here. How do you find words to conclude this experience? How do I explain how empowering it feels to know that I did this on my own? How do I say goodbye to my Ugandan friends, My leapyear group? ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono May 6th 2007

Greetings from the Mother Land, I have finished my internship with MACRO. It was an incredible experience and I feel like I did some good work for them. I spent the last week there rolling beads and laughing with the friends I have made. They made sure that I was aware that they were sad about me leaving. They kept saying some thing about Goodbyes being so hard. I feel great. I've said so many goodbyes in the past couple of years it doesn't feel painful anymore. I see it less like a loss and more like a transition. Yes, I am leaving Mukono, but I am moving on the next exciting part of my life. Each new experience that comes brings me new faces and new stories. So instead of goodbye, I am saying ... read more
The MACRO crew
The chairman and his future wife

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono April 29th 2007

Ogambachi? I am entering my last week with MACRO! Strange stuff. Completely ready for this conclusion though. I plan to spend this week at home and go to the MACRO office during the day. I have a week and a half before Jillian comes to travel with me. I am going to use this time to get my homework finished so that when I get back to the States, I can focus on just re-emerging myself into American culture. I know myself too well to leave a billion papers weighing heavily on my back. I thought I had become a bit of a procrastinator in my old age, but apparently I am back to my old ways of getting home from school and doing my homework immediately. I think its my Dad's fault. Thanks dad... ... read more
Mukono, from the heavens
Town Meeting

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono April 22nd 2007

Hi, I feel as if time either flies by or is at a complete standstill depending on the minute. This past week brought clarity, pure bliss and desperation...also depending on the minute. At a few points this week I was feeling ready to be done with my time in Uganda. I felt like I was stuck in a few days of there being just enough time to not do anything productive in my internship and too long before I could see all the people that I have been missing. For a few of the days I retreated into my room and just read books, wrote in my journal and watched a trillion episodes of Arrested Development. Then of course, my mood would do a complete turn around and I would have surges of creative energy ... read more
A walk behind our house.
The Guesthouse Girls
Bricks on a hot african day

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono April 13th 2007

Hi, I have arrived home safely from a wonderful week in Rwanda. My life continues to be bursting with goodness. I found out today that I got into UVM. I have decided that after all this traveling I am ready to settle into a community and become involved with a life consisting of a stable bed. This year has been the most incredible, life-changing, fun, challenging, experience of my life so far and as it winds down I really recognize my need for a stable home (at least for a little while.) Burlington is where I want to be. Funny, looking back a few years, I scoffed at my friends for staying in Vermont and look at me now. Back to my roots. These past two weeks have brought a plethora of experiences to my ... read more
off to school
The village bound crew
Equator pit stop

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Mukono April 2nd 2007

Well hello, April has brought wonderful things already. This month has potential to be incredible, busy and challenging. There is a new volunteer working at MACRO with me for the month. Her name is Joanna. She is Canadian and a sweet, sweet girl. Tomorrow we are going to a village together and doing a camp for two days and then headed to Kysanga (south west Uganda) for Orphans Day at this organization called House of Hope. The Real Uganda (My host NGO) just recently started supporting HOH. It is a school and an orphanage for children who have lost their parents to HIV. She has half the school built and becuase of the volunteers here she now has the money to build the dorms and get the kids tested for HIV. 25 out of 70 ... read more
Burundian Refugee Culture Group
well hello there

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