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May 26th 2010
Published: June 7th 2010
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We’re up bright and early again and after having breakfast we hit the road back to Kampala, stopping to buy a couple of gorilla t-shirts from the locals on the way.


Forgot to add, the car that was brought to replace our broken one has also died, so yesterday another car and driver was brought from Kampala, so we are now on our third car, fourth if you include the wrong car at the beginning! Francis tells us now that we were in fact lost last night, the other driver said he knew of a short cut, turns out he didn’t!

We have lunch at the same place as on the way down, this time there a lot more people (tourists) there. Food again is great and we are on our way nice and quick this time. We spent enough time there on the way down we were in no need to extend this visit.

So off we go. There is a lot of traffic police that pull drivers over for who knows what, considering all the things we’ve seen there wouldn’t be enough time nor police to sort it out! But from standing on the side of the road they try and get a truck driver to pull over. Being a truck and the location, heading down a hill, and the short notice, the truck doesn’t pull over. We figure he will get to the bottom and stop but no, he keeps on going. The police get in their car and chase him and he still doesn’t pull over. They overtake him and try to make him pull over with their car, he looks like he will so as they are now in front they pull over and he again goes flying past. Eventually they give up, get all his details (even though he has no number plate on the back) and they go their way and he goes his. Apparently they can only follow for a certain distance then they have to call it off for safety reasons. So that was the highlight of our trip back.


We check back into the Kampala Sheraton after getting our bags out of their holding room and head up to our room. I walk in first and there is a man lying on the bed watching TV, I apologise profusely and we head back to reception, the desk clerk thinks perhaps it was a staff member who has snuck in there! So he gives us another room and after finding it free of any other person, we eat the box of food the Lodge gave us for our trip and get packed for our flight tomorrow.

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14. Petrol price in Uganda14. Petrol price in Uganda
14. Petrol price in Uganda

$1 Aus = 1,700 Ugandan Schillings (approx)
19. Poor Tim19. Poor Tim
19. Poor Tim

Had to use a servo bathroom - he wished he'd waited...
20. The Pink People20. The Pink People
20. The Pink People

When buses stop the Pink People mob the windows selling bananas, potatoes etc
21 Toll gate21 Toll gate
21 Toll gate

Don't know what they spend the Toll Gate money on, but it's not all on the roads...

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