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May 21st 2011
Published: May 22nd 2011
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Finally accessed a computer that could manage our photo demands! Theses are random, but a photo is worth a million words, right?

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Shop till you dropShop till you drop
Shop till you drop

Could have spent a lot of dinars in this shop! Not your typical souvenir kitsch--more of an artisan shop (with camel items!)
Lunch break in the MedinaLunch break in the Medina
Lunch break in the Medina

All three of us ate like pigs for a grand total of 10 bucks. Findind good food has not been a problem, knowing when to stop eating has been the problem!
Fighting off the hard saleFighting off the hard sale
Fighting off the hard sale

But, not fighting very hard! Dad and I walked out of this place with a lot of loot--so many gifts we had to make a stop at the Tunisian Poste to ship them home. Keep your fingers crossed!
Dad's new office in the MedinaDad's new office in the Medina
Dad's new office in the Medina

Left him here so long, he could have set up shop! This is his favorite way to shop.
American Cemetery in North AfricaAmerican Cemetery in North Africa
American Cemetery in North Africa

Near Carthage we stopped at the memorial for American soldiers who died in WWII. It was very well kept and reminiscent of Arlington (much smaller of course). We walked around and looked for people from Kansas.
Dinner in TunisDinner in Tunis
Dinner in Tunis

Traditional Tunisian couscous dish with chicken, vegetables and a tomato based broth. Delish!
View from our bedroomView from our bedroom
View from our bedroom

Not a bad place to hang out--good thing with the 9pm curfew!

22nd May 2011

These are great photos. keep this coming!!
22nd May 2011

Great shots!
Love both the doors and the colorful shops!!!
22nd May 2011

The submit button has half appeared!!!
Nice photos, really like the American cemetery shot and rooftop shots. I can't believe the prices you are paying. Is that because no tourists are there or is this normal? Tunis is looking like a destination for us perhaps. Terrible storms in Ks but we missed them thank goodness. Eskridge had baseball size hail as did several other places around Topeka, several tornados and Reading got hit by one. 1 death lots of damage.
22nd May 2011

Alec, don't you have anything better to do?
We are the ones that can't find work, and you are the one writing on this blog?
22nd May 2011

FROM IMDB Biography on Alec Baldwin...
"Raven haired, suavely handsome and prolific New York born actor . . . "
23rd May 2011

Your gifts of planning, doing, writing and photography are too cool. FYI....This is the only blog of yours that has had a "submit comment" button...maybe I'm being censored.

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