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Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Borj Cédria June 2nd 2011

My dad is a realist. His travel philosophy is to assume he will never be back to a particular part of the world and thus he tries to see all that he can while he is on his adventure. I am more of a dreamer, I guess. I wish we never had to end a trip and dream of ways to make sure I can return. And Kyle's travel philosophy? He is already planning the next trip three days into the current trip! We all handle the end of the trip differently. Dad's mind started wandering to the happenings at home and the to-do lists waiting for him a day or two before the return flight. As you know, Kyle left the adventure earlier than dad and I so he could tend to the demands waiting ... read more
city view in Ghardaia
The valuable wells of the oasis town
In the heart of the Sahara Desert

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Borj Cédria May 21st 2011

Finally accessed a computer that could manage our photo demands! Theses are random, but a photo is worth a million words, right? ... read more
Lunch break in the Medina
Fighting off the hard sale
Dad's new office in the Medina

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