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April 10th 2013
Published: April 28th 2013
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Driving through Tunisia

The Elles Necropolis - Tunisia

This site was quite a surprise and has quickly become one of my favourite sites from around the world. Out in the middle of Tunisia amongst the fields of crops lie some structures, and the remnants of structures, that remind me very much of the dolmen I have seen in England e.g. Lanyon Dolmen

The sites vary in condition from complete tomb like structures to just the remnants that look like the foundations of a house but the necropolis was huge and made up of at least 64 different megalithic structures, Tomb 23 is a great example, one of the larger constructions resembling a tomb or a house.

I probably investigated and documented about 20-25 of the sites and I found lots of signs of rock shaping and manipulation, plus some serious erosion suggesting that the site is very old.

It was quite difficult to find, unless you speak really good Arabic or French, so it took me a which only gave me 3 hours to explore this immense site spread over a large farmland area, I really hope to return someday and explore further.

To see
The First Structure I InvestigatedThe First Structure I InvestigatedThe First Structure I Investigated

Collapsed so appears like a pile of stones
what I found take a look at my photos or the short documentary I made (my first attempt at making a documentary on my own).

Additional photos below
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Holes in the StonesHoles in the Stones
Holes in the Stones

There were plenty of holes in stones...
Holes in the StonesHoles in the Stones
Holes in the Stones

Looks Like a Drill-hole
Holes in the StonesHoles in the Stones
Holes in the Stones

Cut like this for a particular purpose I would think
Holes in the StonesHoles in the Stones
Holes in the Stones

Same hole but from the otherside
And Other Shapes TooAnd Other Shapes Too
And Other Shapes Too

An indent with cup marks
Little HolesLittle Holes
Little Holes

Could just be erosion
More Large StonesMore Large Stones
More Large Stones

Forming the base of something maybe??

6th May 2013

Great blog, pictures and video. I have been to Tunisia but had no idea this place even existed. I am curious as to where you heard about it, thank you.
12th May 2013

Where I found the Site
Glad you liked the blog, I found the site on - I always check the site before I visit a country to see if there are any megalithic places of interest and there usually are. Kind Regards Mick

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