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Africa » Tunisia » Djerba April 21st 2015

We are here on the island of Djerba which is off the east coast of Tunisia. There are large resort hotels here and the island appears to enjoy a higher standard of living than the other parts of the country that we have seen. Our sightseeing today included a cultural museum that featured dioramas of traditional activities and a live camel used to thresh grain (see picture of one of the tour group seated behind the camel). Commonly, traditional Tunisian doors use nail heads to make good luck designs (see picture). We visited the souk located in the old part of town and while others went shopping, I had a glass of chai, ie sweet mint tea (see picture). Then we drove to a beachside restaurant (see picture) for a lunch of very fresh seafood. We ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba January 1st 2012

Hi all, Tunisia was incredible, but I have to admit, not what I expected. I arrived late afternoon and was picked up from the airport and brought to my hotel. I immediately noticed, this was not my typical choice - all inclusive resort, tucked on the beach, and well away from local life. I was excited though, after all, I didn't plan to stay in my hotel all day! As I explored the hotel, I was greeted non-stop. It was a bit shocking - souvenir store clerks, tour guides, and animators swarmed the hotel and they all knew immediately I was new. At first, it was nice. I would stop and chat, but then the offers kept coming. They could show me the best tour, they could take me for a walk to the place with ... read more
A Great start to 2012
a local market
another kind of 'local market'

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba September 13th 2011

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba » Midoun May 31st 2011

One of the landmarks we were most excited to visit in Djerba was the La Ghriba Synagogue. It is the oldest synagogue in North Africa and is home to one of the oldest copies of the Torah in the world. I know intuitively it may sound strange to think of a Jewish holy site in Tunisia, but this particular Jewish community in Djerba dates back to 586 BC, which makes it one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world outside of Jerusalem. The community in Djerba is now much smaller. Some accounts say there are 1,000 Jews living in Djerba and other accounts report only a few hundred. After visiting Erriadh and walking around the community for several days, I have to question whether there are even a few hundred. The community seemed void of ... read more
Inside the synagogue
Ceiling and pillars in the synagogue
Yes, women must cover themselves!

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba » Midoun May 26th 2011

If Dorothy really knew what she was doing, she would have clicked her ruby red slippers and said "There's no place like Dar Dhaifa. There's no place like Dar Dhaifa. There's no place like Dar Dhaifa." Before leaving home, we made the decision to avoid the Zone Touristique in Djerba where the large resort hotels are located to stay in the small community of Erriadyh. (After staying there, I would actually say, the VERY small community!) We chose to stay at the Dar Dhaifa a small boutique hotel and we are very happy with the choice we made. Off the beaten path and in the middle of a residential community, the Dar Dhaifa was the lap of luxury. It was subtle and hard to find, but well worth the journey. (Our driver had to ask 7 ... read more
Front sitting room
Just a spot to relax
Dad at the other pool

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba December 23rd 2010

Hey guys ! Greetings from the south of Tunisia, and indeed a great journey so far. Am currently writing this edition of my travel blog from ‘The Land of the Lotus Eaters’, Jerba – the island in Homer’s Odyssey from where the great voyager Ulysses' men did not want to leave after tasting the delicious fruit of the locals : the ‘lotus’ – indeed they forgot the route back home to Greece, until I believe it was slapped out of them. Unfortunately have been unable to find this mythical forbidden fruit in any of the souqs or covered markets, despite trying, but still seems like a nice place to hang around. Not sure if I’ll be unable to leave to my next destination on Sunday, but we’ll see what this island has to offer. But yeah, ... read more
El Jem Colosseum
Hobbit hole by night, Matmata

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba November 28th 2010

Djerba ..island of my dreams : )... read more
fish market
fish market too

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba April 25th 2010

Mardi le 20. Nous sortons de l'île de Djerba par le bac, ce qui nous a amenés à quitter l'hôtel à 7h30 pour nous mettre en file... les nuits sont courtes... Premier arrêt, Gabes, où nous visitons un marché d'épices. Il y en avait vraiment de toutes sortes et les parfums étaient ennivrants. Et hop, en route pour Ennadhour, où nous nous arrêterons pour dîner à un petit resto sympatique le long de la route. Pour ne pas être en reste avec Alain et ses sarcasmes, un méchoui d'agneau nous fait goûter les meilleures côtelettes jamais dégustées à vie !!! Nous traversons ensuite la ville de Mahres, où se tient un festival annuel d’arts plastiques. Certains artistes y laissent d’ailleurs leurs œuvres, dont certaines sont gigantesques. Puis, nous voici rendus à Sfax, deuxième ville en importance ... read more
Sur la passerelle
Marché d'épices de Gabes
Pause retrait

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba April 19th 2010

J'ai oublié de vous joindre le petit bout de vidéo enregistré par notre chamelier... c'est pas du grand cinéma, mais bof À Marie-Lou : les dromadaires, eux, ont la gentillesse de s'acrcoupir pour nous laisser monter et descendre. Mais il faut se tenir en titi, car ils n'ont pas les pattes d'en avant et d'en arrière synchronisées... hihihi xxx À Émilie : c'est bien la première chose exotique que j'ai faite et que tu n'as pas encore expérimentée à l'étranger. Je te fais confiance, ça viendra mon petit pigeon voyageur !!! xxx À François : merci pour tes conseils. Et merci pour nous avoir informés que Rita suivait notre périple. C'est une arrière-grand-maman bien branchée !!!... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Djerba March 15th 2010

We had a stroke of luck in Tataouine. As we were searching for a taxi to take us to the bus station, we met a taxi driver from the island of Djerba, our next destination, and he agreed to take us there for the same price as the bus or louage. That meant a three hour journey in a luxurious 9 seat taxi with no fellow passengers save the waifs and strays he picked up along the way for a few kilometres here and there. Djerba is an island off the South East coast of Tunisia. To get there you have two options: one is to take a short ferry over the water, the other is to go many miles out of your way to drive over a causeway left over from Roman days. Needless to ... read more
Cormorant drying off
Trish doesn't do boats!
Fellow Passengers

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